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Educational project aimed at making young people aware of the importance of energy efficiency and the responsible use of energy

Aimed at…

The programme is intended for students in their third or fourth year of compulsory secondary school (ESO) from high schools in Comunidad de Madrid, Región de Murcia, Cantabria y las provincias de A Coruña, Ciudad Real, Tarragona y Vizcaya.

In addition, this program also counts on the collaboration of Repsol volunteers, who accompany the youth during a school day, bringing them closer to the concept of energy efficiency.

These volunteers are employees of the company, with extensive knowledge in energy, or university students or VT students who are studying subjects related to energy efficiency and sustainability.

In addition, participants have the opportunity to participate in the Energy with consciousness Championship and earn up to 7,000 euros to improve efficiency in their educational center.


Collaboration with Repsol volunteers

Prize of up to €7000 to improve energy efficiency at the school

What does it consist of? Energy efficiency

The participants participate in a series of workshops and experiments to conduct an energy audit of their school. This helps them understand the importance of energy efficiency and learn to value existing resources. Furthermore, these activities improve their research, creativity, and teamwork skills.

Phase I: The teacher introduces the key concepts to prepare students for the programme.

Phase II: The volunteer goes into the classroom to perform the activities during a school day.

Phase III: Students begin to perform an energy audit with the help of their teacher, who will guide them during the two or three weeks the project lasts.

Phase IV: Students share their ideas with the rest of the school, presenting their audit report.

This initiative goes beyond observation, experimentation, and scientific analysis: it encourages future generations to be responsible citizens and share the knowledge they've learned, encouraging those around them to show respect for the environment.

If you want to know more, you can see how were previous editions in this video.

Energy with consciousness championship

After participating in the programme at school, participants are offered the opportunity of signing up for the Energy with consciousness championship, a competition in which groups of students can present the energy audits they performed at their schools.

The two best teams get a cash prize of 7,000 and 3,000 euros respectively to make the improvements collected in the audits.

This year's winners were IES Miguel de Cervantes (Murcia) and IES Antonio Calvín (Almagro, Ciudad Real), which received €7000 and €3000.

Results fiveth Energy with consciousness Championship