6th Family and Disability Conference

Main Hall, The Comillas Pontifical University Calle Alberto Aguilera 23 (Madrid)
Monday March 18, 2019 Tuesday March 19, 2019
Morning and afternoon

The 6th Family and Disability Conference that will be celebrated under the Family and Disability Chair, focuses on culture as a platform for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

Like every year, renowned experts will discuss questions related to the world of intellectual disability for one and half days.

Also, the 6th Family and Disability Award will be given: Fundación Repsol-Down Madrid presented by the Chair to outstanding individuals who, through their contributions to the world of research, education, or culture, have brought about a significant improvement in the lives of people with disabilities in our community.

On this occasion, the achievements of Javier Fesser, scriptwriter and cinema director, will be recognised for the impact and relevance of his movie Champions, acting as a catalyst for the transformation of social views on disabilities. This award helps explore what role the cultural world plays in processes of inclusion and social change for this group.


Main Hall, The Comillas Pontifical University: Calle Alberto Aguilera 23 (Madrid)