Entrepreneurship in VT Demo Day Puertollano

Auditorio Pedro Almodóvar, room 1B Plaza Mariana Pineda Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
Monday March 19, 2018
11:30 horas

The day is finally here! After two months of hard work, the Entrepreneurship in VT programme teams will present their projects before the panel of judges.

Six teams from Puertollano — made up of vocational training (VT) students and teachers, as well as Repsol volunteers and Secot seniors — will present their work to the judges.

They have taken part in several training workshops on aspects such as planning using the Business Model Canvas template, communication, and idea validation. The students will explain their projects in a five-minute elevator pitch. After listening to all the presentations, the judges will select the winning team and they will receive a prize.

This event will mark the end of the first edition of Entrepreneurship in VP, an innovative training programme led by Fundación Repsol with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial culture and improving the employability of VT students, complementing existing entrepreneurship initiatives.

Find out more about some of the projects here!

Auditorio Pedro Almodóvar, room 1B: Plaza Mariana Pineda Puertollano (Ciudad Real)