School Planting event in Puertollano

Pozo Norte Park Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
Tuesday April 30, 2019
10 a.m.

This year Puertollano schoolchildren will again be able to participate in an environmental day thanks to the planting organized by Fundación Repsol and the Puertollano Industrial Facility.

The initiative, aimed towards fifth year primary students, has been developed with the aim of improving the quality of life and contribute to the preservation of Puertollano's surrounding ecosystems. Students will nurture values of respect and care for the environment, as well as enjoying a day of harmony and outdoor fun.

The planting is scheduled for the morning of 30 April, taking advantage of the arrival of spring. The area chosen for planting is Pozo Norte Park, one of Puertollano's preferred areas of the locals for fishing and sport activities.

The activity will begin at 10 a.m. and schools that are relatively far from the chosen location will be provided with a bus for student transport.