eWORLD Project

An innovative digital educational project to work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the classroom using content on energy and climate change.


This programme, aimed at year 10 students, uses a method based on collaborative learning and projects. It is divided into five modules, with a theory and a practical part, in which the students will accompany Álex, the main character of the story, in solving several challenges on energy, climate change, air quality, or sustainable mobility.

In the proposed activities, students will practice different abilities and skills, such as teamwork, communication, calculation, problem solving, etc.

Each module has materials that can be projected onto the whiteboard and downloadable material that will aid the teacher in preparing their class.

Adapted to the school curriculum


This initiative has been designed together with experts in energy and education, such as Chema Lázaro and Javier Espinoza, both National Prize for Education winners or Juan Núñez, founder of EIM- OTB, a company specialized in educational innovation.

  •  Adapted to the school curriculum, it means that more than half of the topic on energy will be taught.
  • Flexible, adapted to each teacher's planning
  • Based on innovative educational methods
  • An immersive experience, in which the students are in the driving seat


The programme is divided into five modules, each dedicated to a topic related to energy:

  • e – “Energy” – The importance of energy in our lives
  • W – “Who” –People are key to overcoming challenges
  • O – “Open mind” – Open minded to considering different alternatives
  • R – “Resources” – Energy resources
  • L – “Lab” – Investigate and propose a more sustainable and viable energy model
  • D - “Do it” – Together we can build a more sustainable planet

For more information, contact us by telephone on 900 649 165 or email us at programaeducativo@fundacionrepsol.com