What is?

Formación sin Límites (Training without Borders)

In their determined and constant efforts to promote the active inclusion of disabled people in all facets of life, Fundación Repsol and the ONCE Foundation are developing the educational awareness project called Formación sin Límites (Training without Borders), in collaboration with the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Disabled People (CERMI).

Formación sin Límites has been created as an educational awareness programme aimed at students with and without disabilities, as well as fathers, mothers and educators, whose main aim is to increase the active presence of disabled people in the educational system and especially in universities in the near future, with the purpose of providing them with the possibility of joining the job market in a quality position.

Specific objectives

  • To work with the educational community to raise society's awareness of the importance of the right of disabled people to access higher education in equal conditions, in the interests of our society's development
  • Encourage all students, with or without a disability, to participate in carrying out common activities, with the aim of highlighting the regular presence of disabled people, particularly in classrooms, and in society in general
  • Provide teachers with the necessary resources for matters related to inclusive education, as a tool to support disabled students' higher professional training
  • Promote diversity and the non-discrimination of disabled people, thus contributing to overcome the prejudices, attitudes and stereotypes that are still associated with this group
  • Promote the positive effect of disabled people accessing university, raising the expectations of what is expected from them and contributing to help them overcome obstacles and fears that need to be dissipated

1st STAGE. Pilot project (2010-2011)

The programme took its first steps as a pilot project introduced during the 2010-2011 academic year, by offering conferences for raising awareness conducted in person in different educational centres in Madrid and Extremadura, attended by 1,210 people in 27 educational centres located in the Autonomous Regions of Madrid and Extremadura.

It was presented as an example of good practice in higher education at an international level in the annual congress held by the European Association for International Education (EAIE), Copenhagen, December 2011.

2nd STAGE. Continuity of the programme (2012)

The proposal for the continuity of the project was born with the will to grow and improve, aiming to establish it as a programme of reference in the educational world and inclusive education. Its application was extended to other Autonomous Regions, incorporating the recommendations obtained from the evaluations of the pilot project experience:

  • Extend actions to students without disabilities
  • Have an impact on the training of school counsellors
  • Specific actions with parents and teachers/school counsellors

Face-to-face awareness sessions were organised in A Coruña, Tarragona, Puertollano, Bilbao and Cartagena.

With the aim of enabling the teachers to hold their own awareness sessions in their respective educational centres, they were provided with the following resources:

3rd STAGE. New actions for the different recipients (2013-2014)

During this stage new initiatives of the programme have been developed for the recipients involved: teachers and instructors, students and family members.

Firstly, Universidad Carlos III in Madrid has carried out “Research on the training needs of teachers in regard to disabled students' education” with the main aim of knowing teachers' training needs in regard to the education of disabled students who are studying Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), High School (Bachillerato), Vocational Training and Initial Professional Qualification Programmes (PCPI).

Secondly, the Prize for the best initiatives in the use of the resources, presented by the educational centres registered on our website, was awarded in recognition and in reward for the work carried out by these centres. The prize consisted of €3,000 which will be used for buying equipment for the classroom or centre.

Lastly, this 3rd stage includes the first edition of a dramatised reading competition,
the "I Certamen sin Límites", aimed at enabling students of state, private and state subsidised private schools delivering ESO, High School Studies, Vocational Training and PCPI from all around the country to directly experience the reality of disabled people.

Moreover, within the scope of the project, Fundación Repsol, Fundación ONCE, and the Instituto Catalán de Investigación Técnica (ICIQ) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote postdoctoral research in the chemical sector for a disabled person with a PhD in theoretical and computational chemistry, Doctor Oier Lakuntza. His work consists in using theoretical methods to describe the structure and reactivity of molecules through computational calculations.

Campus Inclusivos. Campus sin Límites

Campus Inclusivos. Campus sin Límites (Inclusive Campus. Campus without Borders) is an initiative included within the Formación sin Límites programme. This action encourages disabled students to continue with their training at university and raises awareness in the university environment of these students' needs.