Adapted sports

We are committed to creating a diverse society with equal opportunities for everyone. To achieve this, we take part in initiatives that promote the inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities.

On wheels

In cooperation with the Fundación También, Fundación Repsol supports an adapted cycling programme so that people with any kind of physical, intellectual, or sensory disability can enjoy this sport in a normalised environment. Thanks to this initiative, routes are organised that family members, friends, and volunteers can participate in, promoting inclusive recreational activities. Fundación Repsol makes it possible for them to have all the necessary materials, and they make different types of adapted bicycles and tricycles available for the participants. This initiative also supports the Fundación Repsol-Fundación También Handbike team both technically and logistically. The team is only adapted cycling team in the Community of Madrid whose objective is promoting competition and becoming a squad of athletes and a platform for inclusion.

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BasketballInclusion on the track

Fundación Repsol also supports basketball, a sport which promotes teamwork in addition to being a healthy activity. In that spirit it works with the CID Casa de Murcia - Getafe, which has a mixed wheelchair basketball team that participates in national and international competitions as well as a women's standing basketball team. Fundación Repsol also collaborates with the Tres Cantos Basketball Club, promoting recreational and sporting activities for people with intellectual disabilities.

As part of the support offered to the Spanish team during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Fundación Repsol made a special contribution to the wheelchair basketball team, which went on to secure the silver medal.

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Skiing and SailingThe mountains and the sea

Another one of the outstanding initiatives in the area of inclusion through sports is our collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Sport for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF), facilitating sports practice at the Valle de Arán Adapted Winter Sports Centre (CDIA). The centre offers different winter sports such as snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing, all included in the paralympic programme. The programmes offer different levels and a trainers’ school so skiers can develop along their entire athletic career. With the collaboration of Fundación Repsol, the right material and infrastructure maintenance is guaranteed, and athletes are supported in their participation in national and international competitions.

We also collaborate with the Adapted Sailing School project with the Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona (MRCYB) to bring the sport to people with disabilities Within the framework of this project, training and practice activities in sailing were carried out. The beneficiaries have different kinds of physical and intellectual disabilities and belong to the Special Education Schools in the area.