Inclusive culture

We are committed to creating a diverse society with equal opportunities for everyone. To achieve this, we take part in initiatives that promote the inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities.

Culture and inclusion

One of the outstanding projects is; More culture, More inclusion, which is carried out in collaboration with Plena Inclusion Madrid. Thanks to this project, a manifesto for inclusive culture was written with the help of experts in disabilities from different institutions and experts from the field of culture. Within the framework of this initiative, an extensive collaborative programme was carried out with cultural institutions such as museums, exhibition halls, and universities to spread the manifesto, achieve improvements in physical and cognitive accessibility of cultural spaces, and encourage exhibition halls to include art made by people with intellectual disabilities.

Fundación Repsol also supports Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)'s accessibility programme. Since 2014 we have been working on this innovative project to improve accessibility at the museum by breaking down physical and intellectual barriers. This initiative has three focuses: accessible rooms, guided tours, and the creation of adapted informational materials. The Fundación Repsol Room was inaugurated in 2014 with 10 reproductions of works that are part of MACBA’s permanent collection. Visitors can touch these reproductions and experience art through their senses.

Culture as a tool for integration
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Art without barriers

In the field of art, Fundación Repsol joins forces with the Debajo del Sombrero (Under the Hat) Association in the project Los Artistas del Sombrero en Bellas Artes which aims to provide inclusive education opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities in normalised environments. It gives six students the chance to learn artistic techniques and explore the visual arts together with the other students from the fine arts department at the Complutense University of Madrid, contributing to the development of their artistic potential. Accompany the artists in their classes through this video.

This training programme is expanded with the creation of the Debajo del Sombrero studio, a workshop that offers more than 40 artists with intellectual disabilities a work space, guidance, support for complex productions, and opportunities to speak with other artists.

Talent knows no disabilities. Culture for everyone, #InclusiveCulture.


Creativity and talent

Another of the projects that promotes creative exchange and development are the Literary workshops for people with intellectual disabilities, which are organised in collaboration with the Asociación Argadini. The Escribir por el placer de contar (Writing for the Love of Storytelling) workshop provides students with the resources necessary for them to write stories about their experiences, feelings, and perceptions. During some of the sessions, they work with writers who don't have special needs, creating a space where students can share their concerns, experiences, and the ways they approach writing. Another workshop is Creas Tú (You Create), a unique initiative that works in a very personalised way to develop creative abilities of children on the autistic spectrum.

The performing arts are also included with adapted theatre workshops for people with intellectual disabilities, which are carried out in collaboration with Varela Producciones and the Blanca Marsillach theatre company. The performance begins with an introduction to the writer of the play. The audience then enjoys the adapted performance put on by a troupe of actors with and without disabilities.

Once the performance is over, the actors respond to any questions the audience has about the play, the content, the dramatist, and work done by the actors themselves. There are also a number of activities which invite the audience to participate and use the stage as tool to strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Fundación also works with different initiatives to raise awareness and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. In the Notodofilmfest short film festival, Fundación Repsol supports a prize for short films whose main theme is disability. Each year, the Foundation also promotes the participation of artists with disabilities or who are part of a group in risk of marginalization in the Festival Eñe.