To promote inclusion and equal opportunities, we are also working on awareness-raising initiatives, fostering the active role of people with disabilities in a diverse society.

much to say

Using this framework, it organises the I count too project with Plena Inclusión Madrid to raise awareness of the needs and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities in the general public and in public and private institutions and increase their exposure. A group of people with intellectual disabilities act as representatives and convey their needs and demands to society as a whole. Through this project they are prepared so that they themselves are in charge of transmitting the needs and demands of the collective to the whole of society. Repsol volunteers also participate in this initiative.



Building an inclusivesocial environment
Raise awareness of the barriers that separate us

Knowing and sharing

Another of the highlighted actions is the Inclusive Campus programme, developed with Fundación ONCE and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport. This initiative aims to raise awareness in students with disabilities about the importance of continuing their education at university to improve their employability in the future. It also raises awareness in universities about the needs of those students. In this programme, students with disabilities visit a Spanish university campuses for a several days so they can learn about university life firsthand in a truly inclusive way. Universities can also identify improvement opportunities to be able to offer education with equal opportunities. Over the six-year history of the programme, more than 600 students both with and without disabilities have benefited from this experience by participating in the programmes organised by 22 universities.

Learn how the experience of some of the participants in this video.

Training opportunities for everyone. A future without limits


In someone else's shoes

In addition, Fundación Repsol develops other  awareness-raising activities, allowing society, especially the youngest people, to put themselves in a person´s with a disability shoes. Through these activities, everyone becomes aware of the difficulties that can exist in the day to day. These initiatives include the Games for integration or inclusive cycling activities, that have visited different cities in Spain, reaching more than 65,000 people.