Mobile Classroom

Educational project aimed at awakening young people's interest in science and the world of energy

Energy Did you know that…?

Through interactive activities coordinated by specialized teachers, participants learn about the world of energy. Some of the subjects you will learn about are...

  • The importance of energy in our lives
  • The current challenge of meeting our energy needs in a sustainable way
  • The latest research and innovation developments in the energy industry
  • The use of petroleum and its derivatives
  • The processes of exploration, refining, and obtaining petroleum derivatives.

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Participate Aimed at...

The Mobile Classroom is an educational campaign to raise awareness in Compulsory Secondary School (ESO) and Spanish Baccalaureate (Bachillerato) students and their teachers as well as in the general public, organisations, professional associations, university students, etc.

The Mobile Classroom is also adapted for people with disabilities, enabling them to both access and participate in the activities.

Group visits to the Mobile Classroom last 50 minutes and are completely free, although they have to be booked in advance.

To book a time for your group or for more information, please call this project’s Technical Secretary's Office at (+34) 900 102 714/618 350 262 or send them an email at

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Where? Calendar and route

El mundo de la ENERGÍA ¿Sabías que…? continues on its way in 2016. For more information about its route, take a look at the