100,000 euros for training projects aimed towards people with disabilities

Another year Fundación Repsol gears up for 'Your Project Counts'. A contest that merits innovative projects that improve the skill set of people and professionals with disabilities. The deadline for presentation of proposals is the 25 April.
Your project counts

Proposals are now being accepted for Fundación Repsol's Your Project Counts competition. This training initiative for improving integration is designed to encourage innovative projects aimed at helping people with disabilities by promoting their personal autonomy, improving their skills, and developing their abilities through personal and professional training.

The competition awards up to €100 000 in funding for the development of one or more of the proposed projects, which are selected by the competition judges according to the established evaluation criteria.

Any organisations interested in taking part should fill out this form, which is available on the Fundación Repsol website along with the terms and conditions. Any organisation in Spain can participate. The deadline for submitting proposals is 26 April. The winners are expected to be announced in June 2018.

Fundación Respol counts with the collaboration of six leading organisations, in the field of integral development of people with disabilities, for this contest. They are, Business Association for Disabilities (AEDIS), COCEMFE, FEAFES EMPLEO, the ASPACE Confederation, the State Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE), and the Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People (FIAPAS).

The evaluation process will begin once the proposal submission date has passed. During the first phase, the six collaborating organisations will select a total of 13 finalist projects. These 13 projects will then be evaluated by a multidisciplinary panel of judges comprising a team of expert consultants and members from organisations committed to the integration of people with disabilities. One or more projects will then be selected the winners.

 The Your project counts competition reflects Fundación Repsol's commitment to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and those at risk of marginalisation by carrying out initiatives that encourage full integration and equal opportunities.