12 scholarships for university students with disabilities

Fundación Repsol has granted 12 new scholarships to differently-abled university students studying to obtain their master's degrees and degrees in technical fields. A gesture of support for these talented young people. Congratulations to the scholarship holders!
12 scholarships for university students with disabilities

For the fifth consecutive year, Fundación Repsol has launched the scholarship and master's programme for differently-abled students. During 2018-2019, 12 scholarships were awarded to students with disabilities who are studying to obtain their master's degree or degrees in fields such as engineering, physics, mathematics, or geology at Spanish universities.

The objective of this initiative is to promote access to higher education for people with disabilities, particularly in technical fields. This will contribute to the employability and professional specialization of these young people on equal terms.

In this programme, a total of 10 scholarships were donated to undergraduates and two to master's students, with a value of up to 5,000 euros each. Since the launch of this scholarship programme, Fundación Repsol has dedicated a total of 168,000 euros to 32 scholarships for students with disabilities.

Fundación Universia has been collaborating with Fundación Repsol since the launch of this initiative to connect these scholarships with the university community and their students with disabilities as well as organise the call and select the students.

Scholarship students in technical fields

The undergraduate students that were selected are studying industrial electronics engineering, electricity, mathematics, mechanics, industrial technologies, geomatics and topography, physics, chemistry, and energy at the universities of Coruña, Carlos III de Madrid, Politècnica de Catalunya, Complutense de Madrid, Rey Juan Carlos, Valencia, Autónoma de Madrid, and Rovira Virgili.

The masters scholarship students are registered at the universities of Oviedo and Burgos, studying geology, geological resources, geological engineering, mechanical engineering, and integrity and durability of materials, components, and structures.

These Fundación Repsol scholarships last one academic year and can be renewed for a second year according to the duration of the master's. They can be renewed up to three times in the case of undergraduate degrees.

This initiative is a part of the Fundación Repsol scholarship programme, which ensures that each year, more people can improve their training, as a demonstration of their commitment to equal opportunities.