211 projects submitted to the Your Project Counts contest

The Repsol Foundation has received 211 submissions for the seventh edition of Your Project Counts, a contest that rewards innovative initiatives to help personally and professionally capacitate people with disabilities. The winning projects will be announced on 17th June with a prize of up to €100 000
211 projects submitted to the Your Project Counts contest

In line with its pledge to facilitate social integration for people with disabilities through training, Fundación Repsol has launched a new edition of Your Project Counts. The contest arises from the Foundation’s commitment to help people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion to live a better quality of life thanks to initiatives that seek to ease their full integration and offer them equal opportunities.

Now that the deadline to submit projects for the seventh edition has come to an end, we can reveal the total number of contestants: 211 projects! That means 42% more submissions to support the Fundación Repsol’s cause than last year.

The Repsol Foundation has been working with six benchmark institutions in the field of comprehensive development of people with disabilities to make this contest a success: the Business Association for Disability (AEDIS), COCEMFE, FEAFES EMPLEO, the ASPACE Confederation, the State Confederation for the Deaf (CNSE) and the Spanish Confederation of Families of the Deaf (FIAPAS). This is the first edition backed by the ASPACE Confederation, whose mission is to support people with cerebral palsy. 

Here is a breakdown of the number of initiatives received by each of these six institutions out of the total 211 projects:

  • Business Association for Disability (AEDIS): 62 projects: 62 projects.
  • COCEMFE: 68 projects.
  • FEAFES EMPLEO: 22 projects.
  • ASPACE Confederation: 38 projects.
  • State Confederation for the Deaf (CNSE): 12 projects.
  • Spanish Confederation of Families of the Deaf (FIAPAS): 9 projects.

With the deadline to submit applications having ended, the assessment process has begun. The first stage is for the six collaborating institutions to shortlist a total of 12 finalist projects, which will then be examined by a multi-disciplinary jury comprising expert consultants and members of organizations that are committed to the cause. The winners will be announced on 17 June to claim their prizes of up to €100 000 to develop their projects.