90,000 euros for social projects through More than Words

More than Words is an initiative for channelling the solidarity of Repsol employees, shareholders, and distributors, who have the opportunity to present social projects that foster an improvement in the quality of life of people in vulnerable populations.
Project in favour of children in Brazil

The 8th edition, which was launched in 2019, included two calls for proposals: one for employees though the More than words- Giving Platform and another for shareholders and distributors. Of the more than 200 proposals received, 11 social projects all over the world were selected, which jointly received a total of 90,000 euros.

For the first time, employees were able to present projects through the Repsol Giving Platform. Those selected were:

  • Female Entrepreneurs, along with Action Against Hunger, offers entrepreneurship training for unemployed women in Lima, Peru.
  • Youth District, along with Fundación Balia, encourages the education of Spanish youth at risk of poverty.
  • Project for improving work conditions and empowering women through solar-powered lighting in Lokotomé, Benin, in collaboration with Fundación Energía sin Fronteras [energy without borders].
  • Initiative for the assistance and professional support for children with congenital heart defects and their families in various Madrid hospitals, along with Fundación Menudos Corazones [little hearts].

Since January and until June, these four projects are featured on the Repsol Giving Platform so that employees can also contribute with monetary donations.

Three shareholders projects were selected:

  • Intervention for a good old age, in collaboration with Down Madrid.
  • Women's support project, together with la Comunidad Religiosa de Adoratrices de Málaga [Málaga religious community of Adorers].
  • Project supporting the educational campaign against female genital mutilation in schools in Abakuria, Kenya.

Among those projects presented by distributors, the four winners were:

  • Más patas dulces, more ducks and chickens in Magude, alongside the association Madre Coraje, which promotes sustainable livelihoods and guarantees food security in Mozambique.
  • Training for young adults of Roma ethnicity in the hospitality industry, along with Fundación Secretariado Gitano [secretariat for the Roma community].
  • Horticulture training for people with disabilities, along with Asociación Talismán in Spain.
  • Technical assistance and recruitment of healthcare personnel for the prevention of leprosy in Brazil.

More than words was launched in 2012 for Repsol employees, and since 2016 it was opened up to shareholders and distributors, as well. Since then, it has backed more than 200 international social projects. Thank you so much for your commitment!

Giving platform

The More than words initiative is complemented by the Giving Platform, a tool that allows Repsol employees to donate to different social projects backed by Repsol Foundation and Fundación Lealtad.

Throughout 2019, employees have been able to donate to various social projects:

Since January, the four selected projects have been incorporated among employees' proposals to the More than words - Giving Platform 2019 and will remain active until June.

Likewise, the Giving Platform is adapted for emergency situations and allows for donations to be made, for example, in collaboration with UNICEF, to hundreds of child victims from the tsunami in Indonesia in 2018.

In the same line, employees are also collaborating through the Emergency Giving Platform in response to COVID-19 with the Red Cross RESPONDE Plan. Thanks to their donations, the Red Cross is able to provide basic necessities to the populations most vulnerable to the coronavirus in Spain.