Aid for over 480 families in vulnerable situations from Castilla-La Mancha and Galicia

The Repsol Foundation and Ayuda en Acción (Help in Action) support children during the coronavirus crisis through the Aquí También (Here Too) programme by providing help to obtain food and school supplies.
School supply donation and food aid to vulnerable families from A Coruña and Ciudad Real through the Aquí También programme from Ayuda en Acción in collaboration with the Repsol Foundation

The COVID-19 health crisis has worsened the situation that 12.3 million people — or 26.1% of the population — already living at risk of poverty and exclusion in Spain were in. However, it's not the only problem they're facing. The closure of schools and turning to online education entailed a new setback for the minors of these families, since they stopped having access to the cafeteria tickets and to the most important tool to break the circle of poverty: education. Ayuda en Acción, thanks to the support that the Repsol Foundation has given the Aquí también programme in Spain, has been able to provide 487 food and connectivity aids, as well as school supplies to families that are in vulnerable situations in Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha.

“Ayuda en Acción and the Repsol Foundation have maintained their commitment to the most vulnerable educational communities from A Coruña and Puertollano during the health, economic, and social crisis caused by COVID-19. The Repsol Foundation's collaboration has helped Ayuda en Acción to cover and continue to cover part of the most pressing needs that hundreds of families at the risk of social exclusion had. Both food security and access to quality digital education are rights that all children must be able to access for equal opportunities”, said Marta Marañón, director of Ayuda en Acción’s Institutional Relations.

For the Repsol Foundation, this project is highly relevant since, according to Lola Zamarra, director of the Social and Volunteer area, “it allows us to contribute to one of our main objectives, which is the sustainable progress and improvement of society, particularly where Repsol is present. On this occasion, in addition to the experience and sustainability of Ayuda en Acción, we would like to especially thank the dedication and drive of the directors and teachers of the schools in A Coruña and Puertollano to be able to respond to the crisis caused by COVID-19, adapting the project to be able to offer basic resources to the most vulnerable families and educational resources so that no child is left behind”.

Response due to the COVID-19 crisis

After the closure of schools this past March, Ayuda en Acción, in coordination with almost one hundred primary and secondary schools with which they work through the Aquí también programme, identified the most urgent needs of families at great risk of vulnerability. The fruit of this analysis established two lines of support destined to food aid and access to online education.

Thanks to the support of the Repsol Foundation, the NGO is already responding to the healthy meal needs of over 900 people that are at risk of poverty and social exclusion in Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha. With the distribution of over 200 rechargeable wallet cards, the families are acquiring food, hygiene products, and medicine since the months of April and May.

The access to quality education in equal conditions is another one of the great problems that the most vulnerable students are facing. Due to this situation, tablets with Internet connectivity have been lent to close to 180 minors from these autonomous communities that are being used to continue their education and access quality leisure activities.

Another one of the lines of help has been the supply of sets of school supplies to over 300 students from the four schools in which Ayuda en Acción works in Puertollano. They include basic utensils like pencils, pens, rubbers, paper or notebooks and other more specific materials for artistic subjects like chalk, markers, or construction paper booklets.

Due to this social emergency, the Repsol Foundation has also promoted a donation campaign for the Spanish Red Cross’s plan, Cruz Roja RESPONDE with the collaboration of the Company employees. Additionally through corporate volunteering, the Repsol volunteers have accompanied people in lonely situations and vulnerable young people to continue their training through online sessions.