Appreciation for the social involvement in Puertollano

Repsol and its Fundación recognise the work of 10 Puertollano organisations that received our 2018 social aid.
Award presentation ceremony

Repsol and its Fundación have recognised the work and solidarity of 10 Puertollano social organisations and NGOs in a symbolic ceremony celebrated at the city's Pedro Almodóvar Auditorium. The recognised organisations are those that received social aid given by the Puertollano Repsol Industrial Facility and Fundación Repsol in 2018.

Joining in the recognition were the recipients of collections from the two previous cultural events sponsored by Fundación Repsol and the Puertollano Repsol Industrial Facility. Firstly, Aspades-La Laguna and Aldabón, and secondly, Puertollano Parkinson's and Neurological Disorders Association.

The Director of the Puertollano Repsol Industrial Facility, Rosa Juárez, the Director of the Social and Volunteering Area of Fundación Repsol, Lola Zamarra, and the Councillor for Social Welfare, Ana Muñoz, participated in the act and recognised the unquestionable value generated by the social work carried out by these Puertollano organisations.

Rosa Juárez highlighted that thanks to these projects “universal rights are being supported and contributed to, such as equal opportunities for groups at risk of social marginalisation or principles as basic as solidarity”. The Director of the Puertollano Repsol Industrial Facility added that the social aid programme is already in its fourth edition and it provides an annual contribution of 30,000 euros on behalf of Repsol and its Fundación.

Lola Zamarra, the Director of the Social and Volunteering Area of Fundación Repsol, added that thanks to these kind of initiatives “we can carry out one of our missions, that is, to contribute towards improving society wherever we are present”.

During her speech, the Councillor for Social Welfare and Citizen Participation, Ana Muñoz, assured us that “Puertollano has an extensive aid network” and the fact that Repsol and Fundación Repsol make up part of that “is a symptom of happiness”.

The president of Parkinson's and other Neurodegenerative Diseases Association, Sagrario Almodóvar, and the Director of the Virgen de Gracia Care Centre for the Homeless, Sor Petra Martínez, took the floor on behalf of the organisations and associations present, recognising the commitment and involvement Repsol and its Fundación have with Puertollano. They also advocated the need to continue working and committing to the third social sector.

This year the selected organisations were the Cáritas diocesana, the Spanish Association for the Fight Against Cancer, Fundación Pinardi, the San Juan Bautista parish, the Multiple Sclerosis Association, Red Cross, Fundación Fuente Agria, the Puertobosco Youth Centre, the Association for people Affected by Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Hermanas de la Cruz.

All the projects aim to improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups, encourage social integration, and meet to the needs of specific groups.  This edition is built upon Repsol's commitment to its surroundings as a socially responsible company and Fundación Repsol's objective to contributing to social well-being. It also aims to improve people's quality of life, achieve increased social, educational, environmental, and cultural development, especially in the areas where the Company is present.