The Breaking Down Barriers Award goes to a short film on the social issue of eviction

The short film Réquiem was the winner of the Fundación Repsol prize at Jameson Notodofilmfest.
Entrega del premio Rompiendo Barreras

Emotions were running high at the prize-giving ceremony of the sixteenth Jameson Notodofilmfest at the Cineteca de Madrid. During the gala, several people commented that the festival has become an important event in the calendar of many cinema industry professionals.

Fundación Repsol collaborates in this event with the Breaking Down Barriers Award, an increasingly popular category. For the third consecutive year, Fundación Repsol and the festival have implemented this award with the aim of supporting short films that deal with issues related to groups at risk of social marginalization.

This edition's winner was chosen by the jury from among 90 short films in the category – Réquiem, directed by Juanma Juárez. Although it deals with a social problem that we have become aware of relatively recently, the short film raises our awareness of a silent group of people who face eviction.

The prize was awarded by the patron of honour for this category Sara Bamba, the director of last year's winning short film Caleidoscopio, thus encouraging other directors to take part.

On behalf on Fundación Repsol, Lola Zamarra, director of the Social and Volunteering Area, congratulated the winners on their work and thanked the Festival organisers for "giving us the chance to share stories portraying different realities with the general public".

Although Jameson Notodofilmfest is an online short film festival, these stories and characters come to life at the Weekend event. You can attend this year's conference and screening of some of the short films nominated for the Breaking Down Barriers award, including: Pistoja, Réquiem, Vacío, Feliz cumpleaños.