Colombia: Puerto Estrella's library welcomes the Bogotá International Book Fair

The Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBo) comes to the Paz Ipuana Library, built with the collaboration of Fundación Repsol, for the first time.
Ramón Paz Ipuana library

Construction was completed and the Ramón Paz Ipuana Library opened its doors in 2017, thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Repsol. It is the first public indigenous library in Alta Extrema Guajira and one of just 22 indigenous libraries in the country. However, a library is not just a building that stores books neatly ordered on shelves — it needs people to fill it with life and experiences, like the Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBo).

For the first time, the fair will expand beyond the Colombian capital to other regions of the country from 17th April to 2nd May. The Ramón Paz Ipuana library will become a space of international cultural exchange, where authors and illustrators will run workshops. As part of the book fair, the Wayuu community will put on a number of activities.

Ciça Fittipaldi from Brazil, Josep Antoni Tàssies from Spain, and Andrés Calle Noriega and Alexis Forero Valderrama (better known as Alekos) from Colombia are the special guests who will share their knowledge with the children, young people, and adults of the small town of Puerto Estrella. The activities will be carried out on 3rd and 4th May at the Ramón Paz Ipuana Library.

This library was built with the collaboration of Fundación Repsol. Currently, it directly benefits 1,800 children and 71 teachers, and indirectly reaches a further 6,000 members of the community. It has also been included in the National Network of Public Libraries of Colombia and aims to become a knowledge centres for indigenous communities of the region.