Congratulations to the selected social development projects

Fundación Repsol and More than Words 2018 will provide a total of €300 000 to support 33 social projects lead by Repsol employees, shareholders, and distributors.
Children beneficiaries of More than words

Many people want to help their community, but don't know how. Work with associations that defend the rights of disadvantaged groups and meet their needs in complicated situations. That desire to help those around you, which isn't always within your reach.             

At Fundación Repsol, we know that our employees, shareholders, and distributors want to do this. As a result, we created the social project More than Words in 2012. The initiative is part of the Responsible Citizenship programme, which encourages social engagement to build a better world.

In the 7th edition, Fundación Repsol is supporting 30 social action projects from all around the world with a contribution of €10 000. The winning projects were selected from the 114 presented by employees, shareholders, and distributors. Fundación Lealtad helped ensure that the initiatives were solid by checking the viability of the entities.

All of the initiatives chosen in the More than Words project have something in common: solidarity. From helping vulnerable groups to supporting people with disabilities, assisting minors at risk of marginalisation, or providing palliative care to people in the terminal phase. Other initiatives support research in different fields from biochemistry to breast cancer in pregnant women.

For Fundación Repsol, solidarity is a value that knows no borders. That's why we have selected projects from all four corners of the earth: Syria, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, the USA, Spain, Peru, Portugal, Benin, and Chad.

We continue to support social action projects with More than Words Solitary. A campaign that allows people to help three social action projects supported by Fundación Repsol. One Euro will be donated for each vote received on the website, up to a maximum of €5050. The total amount will be shared between these three projects:

  • Opera and More: The Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera (ABAO) runs this programme which brings opera to the nephrology, neonatal, and paediatric wards through several activities adapted to different ages at the Cruces Hospital in Bilbao.
  • Here as well: A joint project with Ayuda en Acción to meet the needs of schools in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods with healthy breakfasts, school materials, and teamwork activities.
  • Donation Transplantation Institute: Training programme for health professionals in Trinidad and Tobago aimed at raising social awareness of organ transplant and donation