Consolidation of the organ transplant and donation system in Trinidad and Tobago

Since 2010 Fundación Repsol has supported the Donation & Transplant Institute which now is in its final phase to ensure the feasibility of transplants in Trinidad and Tobago in the future.

Fundación Repsol once again demonstrates its commitment to the organ transplant and donation programme in Trinidad & Tobago. This initiative's goal is to help improve donation rates and promote equal access to the transplant system in the country.

This project from Trinidad's National Transplant Organisation was launched in 2010 and has successfully established the foundations of the organ transplant and donation system. This was possible by defining the system, training healthcare professionals, providing follow-up to activities, and improving the living-donor renal transplant programme.

Thanks to this project, 145 potential organ donors have been identified in the country's major hospitals, and nine of them have been donors. A total of 74 patients have received a kidney transplant.

The project is currently in its final phase and seeks to give continuity and additional support to the system. To do so, an action plan has been created which will be submitted to the Ministry of Health. In addition to consolidation, this phase includes improvement actions in the system and its dissemination and communication to encourage political interest.

Professionals are one of the pillars of the donation and transplant system and that is why the project seeks to increase the number of professionals trained in this field this year. It also aims to keep motivation levels high among the trained team throughout the years.