Daniel Asorey, winner of the 10th Repsol Short Story Award

Fundación Repsol has awarded him a prize of €12,000 for his short novel “Nordeste" (Northeast).
10th Repsol Short Story Award

Daniel Asorey, winner of the Galician-language 10th Repsol Short Story Award for his story “Nordeste” (Northeast), received his prize from Ignacio Egea, vice president of Fundación Repsol, Valentín García, Secretary General for Language Policy, and Víctor Freixanes, managing director of the publishing company Editorial Galaxia.

In addition to the cash prize, the ceremony, which took place as usual at the Fundación Paideia Galiza in A Coruña, was the occasion for presenting the work to the many attendees. It has now been published by Editorial Galaxia and is now appearing in bookshops.

The panel of judges for this 10th edition described “Nordeste" as having "tremendous inventiveness, an evocative amalgam of times and spaces, and an attractive storytelling structure". They also commended Daniel Asorey's ability to weave together two interconnected worlds, the epic Brazillian region of the Sertão and an imaginary Galician republic, with an overarching style full of powerful images and fascinating symbols.

A total of 38 original, unpublished works were evaluated by the panel of prestigious judges, made up of researcher and literary critic Armando Requiexo; professor and writer Carme Fernández Pérez Sanjulián from the Association of Writers in the Galician Language; writer and academic Euloxio R. Ruibal from the Royal Galician Academy; managing editor of Galaxia, Carlos Lema; and representing Fundación Repsol, Marcos S. Calveiro, the writer who won the previous edition of the prizerepresenting Fundación Repsol.

To round off the event, 23 members of the Galician Symphony Orchestra's Youth Choir, who belong to the education programme Son Futuro (Future Sound) promoted by Fundación Repsol, gave a short recital to the varied representatives of Galician culture and society who attended the presentation.