The eighth edition of the adapted theatre workshop begins in Cartagena

Fundación Repsol and the Blanca Marsillach Theatre Company's adapted theatre workshops are debuting their tenth edition in Cartagena with something to prove about the professional role of people with disabilities in the world of acting.
Attendees in the Adapted theatre workshops in Cartagena

Fundación Repsol and the Blanca Marsillach Theatre Company have debuted the tenth edition of their Adapted theatre workshop project for people with intellectual disabilities under the slogan "DiversityOnStage." The goal of this tenth anniversary is to revisit the professional role of people with disabilities in the world of acting.

The play was put on in the Culture Room of the Fundación Caja Mediterráneo and was attended by Luisa Roldán, manager of Fundación Repsol's Social and Volunteering area as well as actor and producer Blanca Marsillach.

The play chosen for this edition is Se vende Ático (Penthouse for Sale) by Adolfo Marsillach, a piece that will be taken on tour throughout Spain from February until June 2019. It will be put on in Cartagena and four other cities: A Coruña, Bilbao, Tarragona, and Madrid.

This is the fifth consecutive year that professional actors with and without disabilities have taken part in this inclusive culture project together: Adela Estévez and Miriam Fernández, two actresses with physical disabilities, joined the actor and director Xabier Olza on this project five years ago, and in 2018 Daniel Olías also joined them, an actor with intellectual disabilities.

As on other occasions, the cast will perform a play and, once finished, will make way for audience participation. Attendees will have the chance to get up on stage and improvise the play's funniest scenes.

Fundación Repsol and Varela Producciones have been working together since 2010, when the first adapted theatre workshop was held with the performance of Tennesee Williams's Kingdom of Earth. Since then, over 10 000 people have benefited from this project that provides adapted theatre for people with disabilities, encouraging the integration of this group through culture. In 2014, it was decided to go one step further and "Yo me bajo en la próxima, ¿y usted?" (I'm getting off at the next stop, what about you?) premiered at the Teatro La Latina. The cast was made up of actors both with and without disabilities, and in September 2015, they performed several times in the Teatro Fernán Gómez.