Eleven finalists in the Sixth Call for Proposals

We now know the 11 finalist proposals in with a chance of being accelerated by the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund. The finalists selected in this sixth call for proposals will receive their prizes on 20th September.

Five ideas and six projects have reached the final stage of the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund's sixth call for proposals. Since the opening of the call on 16th January 2017, the 354 proposals presented have passed through the various stages of the exhaustive assessment and selection process.

Since April, the finalists have passed the technical tests organised by both the Entrepreneurs Fund team and external assessors. The proposals have also been approved in personal interviews, and have subsequently undergone a preliminary training and preparation process — the pre-acceleration process — during which they worked on and adapted their action plan.

The final step of the process takes place on 24th July, when the 11 finalists must make a presentation before a panel of judges. Finally, the results will be announced on 20th September in a event held on Repsol Campus.


  • Ultra low cost: a magnesium and hydrogen-based battery
  • Inanoenergy: microgenerators capable of using residual energy to power sensors
  • Bulgeone: a predictive tool for detecting and measuring deformities in coking chambers
  • Finboot: digital platform for managing smart contracts
  • Open.car:  a carsharing platform for autonomous vehicles


  • Muón system: a system that uses muon tomography to inspect blast furnaces and combustion equipment
  • C2C-Newcap: new metal oxide-based supercapacitators for energy storage
  • Smartmonkey:  a system for optimizing logistics routes based on smart algorithms
  • Nanocellulose: production of nanocellulose from biomass
  • Place to Plug: a platform for managing and using electric car charging points
  • CE-BOND: a device for enhancing O&G well efficiency

The projects and ideas selected by the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund will receive an outright grant, along with specialised training, counselling from a team of mentors, and access to possible investors. The acceleration process lasts one year, and projects can be extended for a second year.

The Entrepreneurs Fund offers up to 144 000 euros per year for each project's business development. Ideas are supported with 2000 euros per month over a 12-month period.