Entrepreneurial VT students

Creativity requires hard work and inspiration, two things the over 300 Vocational Training (VT) students who participated in the Entrepreneurship in VT programme hackathons have in abundance. Now it's time to kick off the idea development process to "learn how to be an entrepreneur".
VT students participate in one of the Entrepreneurship in VT hackathons in A Coruña

These hackathon events, led by the entrepreneur Néstor Guerra, were highly successful in encouraging participants to put their creativity to the test in the search for innovative solutions to everyday problems. They took advantage of the two-hour sessions, working in teams and learning different techniques and tools to generate new ideas.

Following these sessions, 77 participants were chosen to be team leaders in the upcoming phases of the Entrepreneurship in VT programme. VT students interested in participating still have time to sign up and join a team intent on learning how to develop a technology-based entrepreneurial project.

Participation is open to all students enrolled in an advanced vocational training course at one of the centres participating in the Entrepreneurship in VT project in A Coruña, Ciudad Real, Murcia, or Tarragona. Fill out this form to sign up!

The teams will be finalized shortly so they can start designing a entrepreneurial project that provides a technology-based solution to a current need. During this process, the VT students will have the support of a VT teacher and a Repsol volunteer. At the end of the project, all the teams will present their proposals and the best ones from each area will receive a prize.

Fundación Repsol works on this project together with the Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre (CISE).