Entrepreneurship in VT projects that provide solutions to everyday problems

The 44 Entrepreneurship in VT teams are hard at work on their projects. Let's take a look at some of the proposals!
VT students from A Coruña taking part in one of the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurship in VT project activities

With the support of their teachers and Repsol volunteers, the VT students have developed innovative projects that provide technological solutions to everyday problems.

Most of the initiatives focus on the leisure and tourism industry (18%), followed by the social and environmental sector (13%), healthcare (10%), mobility and transport (10%), and the circular economy and energy (10%). However, there are also projects related to education, fashion, the automotive industry, and the food industry, among others.

For example, one of the teams from Puertollano is working on a device to locate the scene of accidents in order to reduce the response time and prevent future incidents.

One of the groups in Murcia has proposed a device to help people have their own vegetable garden thanks to an app that controls watering, humidity levels, etc.

In A Coruña, one of the teams has come up with a denture cleaner to make life easier for people with dentures.

Finally, one of the VP students from Tarragona has developed an online platform and application for Erasmus students were they can find recommendations about the city they're in and use an area for connecting with other students, all through useful information, promotions, and organized events and excursions.

These initiatives are just a small taste of all those designed by the Entrepreneurship in VT participants with a good dose of talent and teamwork. Soon we'll take a more in-depth look at all the proposals! Don't miss all the details on the Demo Days (link to agenda).

Four months of hard work

The first edition of Entrepreneurship in VT was launched in October 2017 following an initial round of hackathons. In the end, 202 vocational training students from 24 educational centres in A Coruña, Ciudad Real, Murcia, and Tarragona signed up for the project.

After receiving specialist training, the students led their own teams whilst receiving support from VT teachers, Repsol volunteers, and Secot mentors throughout the programme.

Furthermore, during the ideation phase the teams had to decide on, validate, and learn how to communicate their projects. To do so, they received expert training.

This first edition of Entrepreneurship in VT, an innovative Fundación Repsol programme that aims to support talent, foster entrepreneurial culture among VT students, and complement existing entrepreneurship initiatives, will draw to a close with the upcoming Demo Days.

CISE (Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre) has worked in partnership with Fundación Repsol on this initiative.