The five winners of Your project counts 2018

The panel has decided that the €100 000 will be split between these five training projects aimed at people with disabilities.
The five winners of Your Project Counts 2018

Five projects have been chosen to receive part of the €100,000 financial support as part of Your project counts 2018. The panel, composed of expert advisers and members of organisations in the field of disability, have chosen these projects from among the 13 finalists.

This integration initiative is designed to encourage innovative projects aimed at helping people with disabilities by promoting their personal autonomy, improving their skills, and developing their abilities through personal and professional training.

The five winning projects from this sixth edition of the competition are:

  • Huelva FEAFES Committee in Arroyomolinos de León: The project "Happy Tomatoes: Workplace Inclusion and Mental Health" is an informative workshop on looking after a vegetable patch and jam-making.
  • Fundación Empleo y Salud Mental (Employment and Mental Health Foundation): Through the job skills school ActivaJob, they aim to set up an online distance-learning platform for use throughout Spain. It will enable the creation of a virtual campus for people with disabilities who struggle to travel to training centres or access resources.
  • ASPAS (Association of Parents of Deaf Children in Salamanca): "Listen to me: English for deaf students" is a project that aims to teach English to children and young people with hearing impairments.
  • ASZA (Deaf Association of Zaragoza): The "Road safety for the deaf and hard of hearing: your accessible driving licence" project is run in Zaragoza.
  • AMBAR (Association for people with functional diversity): The project I.Work drives a more inclusive working culture in Barbanza, A Coruña.

Five leading organisations in the comprehensive development of people with disabilities helped Fundación Repsol handle the applications. These organisations include the Business Association for Disabilities (AEDIS), the Spanish Confederation of People with Physical Disabilities and Organic Disorders (COCEMFE), the State Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE), the Spanish Confederation of Families of Dead People (FIAPAS), and the Feafes Empleo Association (mental health association).