Fundación Repsol honours social values through cinema

Through the Breaking Down Barriers Award at the JamesonNotodofilmfest, Fundación Repsol promotes cinema with social content.

For the second year in a row, Fundación Repsol is promoting the Fundación Repsol Breaking Barriers Award at the JamesonNotodofilmfest, which includes a grant of €1,500. This category seeks to encourage original, never-before-seen content that promotes awareness about the need for equal opportunities for all of our society's groups.

Short films that seek to qualify for the award must address issues such as social exclusion, gender violence, the fight against racism, support for refugees and immigrants, or difficulties for seniors, among other issues related to the values in this category.

For the first time, this year the award will be sponsored by screenwriter, director, and Spanish cinema producer Roberto Pérez Toledo, who will present the guest short film in this edition, made for this category.

The number of short films that can be submitted is unlimited, their maximum duration must be no longer than 3:30 minutes, and all entries will also be included in the other festival categories.

In addition to the opening credits of the festival, short films that participate in the Fundación Repsol Breaking Barriers Award must include specific opening credits of the award that can be downloaded from the  JamesonNotodofilmfest website, where you can also find the complete rules of this category.

The period to submit short films began on 30 November along with other sections in the festival and ends on 1 March 2017 at 12:00. The JamesonNotodofilmfest team will select the finalist works from all short films submitted and the jury of the 15th edition, chaired by Daniel Sánchez-Arévalo, will choose the nominated short films and the winner of the Fundación Repsol Breaking Barriers Award, which will be announced during the awards ceremony at the festival. In addition to being featured on the festival's website, all the short films that participate in this category will be published and featured on the Fundación Repsol website.