Fundación Repsol presents the 2019 SECOT Excellence Awards

For the third consecutive year, the Garrigues Auditorium in Madrid hosted the event that awards the business initiatives supported by SECOT volunteers.
SECOT ExcellenceAwards Ceremony

The 11th SECOT Excellence Awards ceremony was held on 12th June, with the support of Fundación Repsol for the 11th consecutive year. The event was led by Rafael Puyol Antolin, President of SECOT, together with António Calçada, Vice President of Fundación Repsol, and Lucila Gómez de Baeza, founding President of SECOT.

The awards aim to recognise the effort and initiative of the SECOT members in providing expert business advice to entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, and non-profit organisations.

In the Innovative Entrepreneur category, Luis García Millán, CEO of Sol Galaxy, received an award. His aim is to digitalize certain actions to solve problems in the day-to-day work of companies by implementing different procedures, manuals, or production checklists. António Calçada was in charge of presenting the award. Another award winner was José Manuel Estrada, from Trovant Technology, a company set up by experts in the development and scaling of biotechnology applied to the environmental sector.

The Best Female Entrepreneur Award was collected by Eva Fuentes from Escuela Divergente, a centre where she provides training on an innovative methodology that promotes emotional intelligence, creativity, motivation to learn, entrepreneurial spirit, and the development of the individual talent of each student. The other winner in this category was Sandra González from Cuida'M, a company dedicated to the care and assistance of the elderly.

In the category for the Project with the Greatest Impact, the award went to Raquel Serrano, CEO of Fiixit, a company that produces 3D-printed splints as a replacements for plaster casts. The runner-up in this category was Joana Tomás, who received the award from Ana Bujaldón, president of FEDEPE, accompanied by the SECOT Seniors, Balears Manuel Navarro and Bernadí Seguí, for launching the project Empowered Women, a social project for the empowerment of women in Ethiopia.

The Vice President of Fundación Repsol, António Calçada, stressed in his speech the importance of properly establishing indicators of success, profitability, and measurement of the impact of social action in the voluntary sector. It must support the new economy – currently in search of new business models – and the social impact of our activities. For this reason he said that the commitment to entrepreneurs should not end with the award ceremony, but should continue until they achieve sustainability: "Fundación Repsol reiterates its unequivocal support for this type of activity, and that's why we're here and are here to stay. We think that there is a very desirable symbiosis between the world of dreams and the world of experience; the Senior component has to help the start-up component, because together the two are much stronger."