The "I count too” programme was presented during the “We represent ourselves” conference

The organisers of this joint project between Fundación Repsol and Plena Inclusión Madrid planned a conference to raise awareness through round tables and other activities.
Jornada Nosotros nos representamos organizada por Plena Inclusión Madrid y apoyada por Fundación Repsol

The organisers from Madrid invited the capital's residents to the event on Saturday 14 November within the framework of the I count too project for people with intellectual disabilities promoted by Plena Inclusión and supported by Fundación Repsol.

Luisa Roldán, manager of Diversity and Integration at Fundación Repsol, and Javier Luengo, managing director of Plena Inclusión Madrid attended the We represent ourselves conference. One of the goals of the conference was to increase the public's awareness of this group's daily experiences. A number of workshops were held where the organisers explained what intellectual disability is, what having a disability means, and what their main claims are. The area dedicated to the right to vote might have been the one with the most visitors throughout the day. In this area, there were presenters who explained the reasons why 80,000 people with disabilities were denied their right to vote and how the electoral process can be held in easy-to-read and easy-to-understand formats. There was a practical area to learn how to cast votes in elections.

In addition, the conference was open to community organisations who visited the Speak Corner where they could share their experiences in collective creation and participation. Radio Enlace also collaborated with the conference and set up a radio studio where it broadcast live for more than five hours. More than 50 conference participants visited the studio.

As part of the objective of promoting inclusion, Fundación Repsol supports this project with raises awareness to create social change.