Impact Forum, a leading event in the impact economy

For the very first time, Fundación Repsol participated in the S2B Impact Forum, the leading event on social impact. The sixth annual event, organised by Ship2B, took place October 24 in Barcelona, coinciding with United Nations Day.
Antçonio Calçada, vicepresidente de Fundación Repsol durante su intervención en el Impact Forum de Barcelona.

The sixth S2B Impact Forum welcomed the most influential leaders of the impact economy and included a wide range of conferences, workshops, and other activities to encourage debate, networking, and the exchange of ideas.  

More than 1,000 people participated in the various initiatives, organised to inspire entrepreneurs, big business, and investors on the potential to opt for environmental and social impact.

The Impact Expo, a space for getting to know the different players in the impact economy in Spain, really stood out. For the first time in this annual event, the exhibition area was opened to everyone in the field, joining social impact and environmental startups, investment funds and other key professionals in the sector. In total, around 30 exhibitors participated, including vulnerable group startups, sustainable energy startups, and energy production and responsible use startups, among other agents in the field, including Fundación Repsol.

The event specifically emphasised the Sustainable Development Goals and how the impact economy contributes to achieving them. To demonstrate this,attendees heard from speakers like Jacqueline Novogratz, founder and CEO of Acumen, who explained her experience in impact investment and presented the tangible results: since 2008, her company has invested 124 million dollars in 122 companies which have had an impact on 263 million people.

Vice chairman of Fundación Repsol, António Calçada participated in the round table discussion Will we ever get there? Reaching the SDGs, moderated by Ainhoa Grandes, Ship2B sponsor and president of MACBA. Carlos Barrabés from Grupo Barrabés, José Bayón from ENISA, and Tesa Wernink from Tada City also participated. In his presentation, Calçada highlighted the need for and importance of working together and responsibly to achieve the goals set alongside the industry and technology. Also, upon referencing the creation of Repsol Impacto Social, he stated that at Repsol, we believe in the investment in social impact as a form for social transformation.  “We have seen the social need and the opportunity and that’s why we have launched this investment program that unites energy transition and social needs.”

Another round table discussion was led by Ousman Umar, founder and president of Nasco Feedings Mind; Felix Finkbeiner, founder of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation; and the writer and professor Borja Vilaseca. This round table discussion centred on the personal experiences of each participant and how these situations encouraged them to create their own projects fostering social and environmental impact in their communities.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to get to know more about their work through an “elevator pitch”, in which during just a few minutes, they presented the key aspects of their initiatives. From Fundación Repsol, Luis Casado, director of Repsol Impacto Social, presented this investment program directed at those startups with a focus on energy transition that at the same time positively affect vulnerable groups. During his presentation, Casado announced the call for startup submissions until December 15 through the Fundación Repsol website.

The workshops held were led by noteworthy professionals in the sector, who shared experiences and tools for solving social challenges. And in an Investment Forum, eight different impact startups were introduced.

On a similar note, the Onboarding Impact Forum took place on October 23 and featured the participation of Antonio Brufau, president of Repsol and chairman of Fundación Repsol, during the tribute to Professor José Antonio Segarra, driver and leader in the investment in social impact in Spain.

This sixth annual Impact Forum, which concluded with an awards ceremony, was made possible with the support of Fundación Repsol, Mobile World Capital, Fundación Once, BStartup of Banco Sabadell, and Enisa.