Improve the employability of women who have suffered gender-based violence

The sixth edition of Women moving toward employment has been launched. This project aims to change the lives of women who have suffered gender-based violence and aims to raise society's awareness of this issue.
Project participants receiving information

2019 gets off to a start with a new opportunity for ten victims of gender-based violence thanks to theWomen moving toward employment project, organised by Fundación Integra in collaboration with Fundación Repsol.

Employment is essential for women who have suffered gender-based violence to help them regain their independence. That is why this project was launched in 2013 to provide women with training for a period of nine months to improve their chances of finding employment as administrative or customer service assistants.

The main objective of Women moving towards employment is to help these women recover their confidence and self-esteem through a comprehensive programme that includes an intense process of orientation, personal empowerment, and personalised training for each participant, in order to achieve true integration back into society.

They also receive training on job search tools and entrepreneurship. Five of them will receive training on how to find employment as an administrative assistant, while the other five will receive vocational training in Service Stations that is more oriented toward customer service.

One of the strengths of this project is that Repsol volunteers actively take part in the training received by these women. The participation of corporate volunteers fulfils the objectives of raising awareness within the Company of the possibilities of women have who have suffered gender violence, making the workforce aware, and improving these women's access to the job market.