Innovative solutions for day-to-day problems

The 41 teams that participate in Entrepreneurship in VT are already working energetically on their projects, supported by their professors, Repsol volunteers and, mentors of SECOT. Soon we'll know the winners!
Students of Entrepreneurship in VT in Puertollano

How can technology resolve some of our day-to-day problems? This is the question the participants of Entrepreneurship in VT have asked themselves. After having attended various workshops and trainings, they've chosen the issues they want to address. They're immersed in the design of a technologically based entrepreneurial project that may offer solutions. Will these young people be able to design something that could change our lives?

In this second edition of Entrepreneurship in VT,a total of 171 students from different branches of VT have shared a number of weeks packed with creativity, learning and, team work. With 30 professors, 18 Repsol volunteers and, 24 SECOT mentors who are advising them on the development of a business project.

In addition to the Repsol volunteers, all of which were employees of the energy company, members of SECOT (Senior Spanish members for Technical Cooperation) have also joined, sharing their experience as directors of large companies.

In order to reach this conceptualisation phase of the project, the student teams of VT have received training in design and project management, finances, marketing, and communication. In these sessions, they've been accompanied by their professors and Repsol volunteers, strengthening their team working abilities.

After two months of work, they're finally on the final stretch! And soon, they will have to present their projects before a jury. The majority of initiatives are centred on topics related to the social sphere, environment, health, mobility, or circular economy, what is more, there are projects on education, robotics, or leisure and tourism, among others.

One of the concerns that most worries the participants of Entrepreneurship in VT is sustainability. The number of projects based on reusable materials or those centred on responsible use of resources stands out.There are also ideas that look to facilitate the autonomy of electric vehicles through the establishment of renting areas and substitution of electric batteries.

Furthermore, many of the students have worked on technological applications (mainly for mobile phones). They offer innovative solutions to issues like gender-based violence or problems related to nutrition.

This is only a small sample of what the participants of Entrepreneurship in VT have designed, bursting with creativity and team work. Soon we'll get to know all the of proposals in detail!

The final phase of this initiative begins on15th February, the Demo Days, in which they'll present their projects through the Elevator Pitch technique In five minutes, they'll have to convince the jury of the advantages of their project, and the two best of each geographical region (A Coruña, Puertollano, Región de Murcia y Tarragona) will receive a prize. Good luck to everyone!