Javier Fesser, given the Chair Family and Disability award

For another year the University of Comillas holds the Family and Disability Conferences, this year focusing on culture as a platform for inclusion.
Javier Fesser, received the 6th Family and Disability Conference award

During 18 and 19 March the 6th Family and Disability Conferences was held at the Comillas Pontifical University alongside the Chair with which Fundación Repsol and Down Madrid collaborate.

During the inaugural ceremony Javier Fesser, director and screenwriter of the movie 'Champions', was given the chair award by  Julio L. Martínez, rector of the Comillas Pontifical University. The ceremony also counted with the attendance of António Calçada, Vice-President of Fundación Repsol, and Inés Álvarez, President of Down Madrid.

“Luckily the world is full of different kinds of people”, said Fesser in his acceptance speech where he explained that 'Champions' has been an opportunity to gain a “great and beautiful” insight into cognitive disability.

As in previous editions, the conferences counted with distinguished experts who put forth various issues related with intellectual disabilities. Over two days, the conference programme discussed how cultural values can act as a tool for better integration with the help of culture and inclusion professionals, family, and of course, people with disabilities.