A journey through the ancient city of Carthago Nova

The "MVSAS" are back home in Cartagena after their visit to the National Archaeological Museum (MAN) in Madrid and the Archaeological Museum of Murcia. These works were found during the project to restore Cartagena's Roman Forum, as part of Fundación Repsol's cultural support program.
Town Hall and Fundación Repsol representatives visit the Cartagena Roman Forum

Visitors can travel back in time at the Cartagena Roman Forum (Murcia) and delve into the fascinating history of Carthago Nova.

Thanks to Fundación Repsol's support, the Colonial Forum has been restored to its former glory, taking visitors back to Roman times to admire the Atrium, the Temple of Isis, and the Thermal Baths.

A museum is also being built. This space will show us what this part of the Roman city was like in the 1st and 2nd centuries B.C.E and will house the paintings of the MVSAS, which were found in exceptional condition in the Atrium building.

All the work that is currently ongoing and has been carried out over the past decade by the Town Hall of Cartagena and Cartagena Puerto de Culturas has been completed in collaboration with the regional government, and thanks to the extraordinary support of Fundación Repsol.

"MVSAS" exhibition in the Cartagena Town Hall

The paintings of Apollo and the muses Calliope and Terpsichore, as well as the text that mentions emperor Elagabalus, have returned home to Cartagena with the "MVSES" exhibition. From March 1st to May 31st, visitors will be able to visit the works after several months in the National Archaeological Museum (MAN) in Madrid, and the Archaeological Museum of Murcia, where thousands of people were able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind exhibition.

In addition, several parallel activities have been organized, such as the guided tour 'Treasures of Rome: the muses of Carthago Nova" that, as well as a visit to the exhibition, will take participants to discover the most important Roman enclaves in the city: the Roman Theater Museum and the Roman Forum District. Another of these activities will be "A look at the muses", where the leaders of the archaeological project will explain the "MVSAS" in detail.