More than 25 000 people have visited the Mobile Classroom this year

This educational project by Fundación Repsol will resume its route after the summer. For more information or to sign up, take a look at the agenda!
Interior of Aula Móvil

Fundación Repsol's Mobile Classroom made stops at over 70 cities and towns in Spain during the 2017–'18 school year, totalling 25 000 participants — mostly students at the 143 schools it visited.

The Mobile Classroom is a lorry that transforms itself into a classroom where participants can learn which energy sources are used the most and how petroleum is present in many of the products we use in our daily lives. Through the panels and various activities, participants also get the chance to take an up-close look at the petroleum value chain, the exploration and refining processes, the workings of petrochemical plants, and some petroleum-derived products. The visit lasts 45 minutes and is guided by specialised instructors who are equipped to answer all of the participants' questions.

The Mobile Classroom is especially geared towards students aged 12–16 years, but is also open to anyone from the general public who would like to participate. It is also adapted for people with disabilities, enabling them to both access and participate in the activities. As for technology, augmented reality and interactive panels form part of its educational arsenal: high-tech resources that help the classroom meet its goal of teaching about energy to the youngest among us most of all.

This project first hit the road in February 2013, and since then has received visits from over 175 000 people across Spain and Portugal. Once the summer months have finally passed, it will resume its route in September; anyone who wants to find out more about this project and where it'll stop next can visit the Fundación Repsol website