More than 5000 people participate in Science and Energy Weeks in A Coruña and Arteixo

Fundación Repsol and the Repsol Refinery held the Science and Energy Weeks from 23 April to 10 May in the municipalities of A Coruña and Arteixo. The different activities were attended by more than 5400 participants.
Dani Jimenéz performing one of his experiments during the Fundación Repsol show "Mission Cosmos, a Journey through the History of Energy", which was held at Palexco during the Science and Energy Weeks in A Coruña and Arteixo

Over 5000 people participated in the different activities at the Science and Energy Weeks in A Coruña and Arteixo, organized by Repsol and Repsol Fundación from 23 April to 10 May.

Energy workshops for all ages, educational shows or the great energy mix challenge were some of the ways for schoolchildren and the general public to discover new concepts in a fun and entertaining way.

Under the motto "Have fun learning" the Refinery and Fundación Repsol programmed different activities. One of the initiatives was the LearningEnergy Workshops, held in classrooms of different schools in A Coruña. These activities conveyed the importance of creativity, teamwork, and innovation to over 800 schoolchildren. A way to understand current and future energy challenges, raising awareness of the importance of being more responsible when using resources.

Aula Móvil also travelled to A Coruña, setting up in different schools of the province and participating in the Science on the Street Day, held at the Santa Margarita Park. Through panels and activities, guided by specialized educators, they brought more than 1400 young people closer to the different sources of energy and the importance of energy efficiency.

The people of A Coruña were also able to enjoy the Dani Jiménez show "Mission Cosmos", which attracted around 2000 people to the Palexco venue. The physicist and scientist, pioneer in the use of experiments as a tool for stimulation and learning, brought the history of energy to the stage, travelling back in time to understand its role in the evolution of human well-being and how technology has influenced the use of energy, with the aim of reflecting on the challenges of the energy transition. The morning session was aimed at more than 1500 schoolchildren from different schools, with the doors open to the general public during the afternoon, getting a great reception.

Science and Energy Week in Arteixo

From 6 to 8 May, the Refinery and Fundación Repsol also organized the Repsol Science and Energy Week in Arteixo. In the Civic Cultural Centre, more than a thousand people participated in activities such as "Transporting CO2", the " Circular Economy Puzzle" or the "Tinkering" workshops. In addition, several performances of the show "Big-Time Science" were programmed to be enjoyed through great experiments in which the attendees learned about science and energy in a fun and entertaining way. In addition, the general public was able to enjoy the "Great Energy Mix Challenge" during the celebration of the Technoscience educational activity, part of the Arteixo Innovation programme of the Concellería de Relacións coa Comunidade Educativa.

At this event, children between 6 and 11 learned what the primary energy sources are, what the energy mix is and how we can manage energy in a more sustainable way to meet the needs of the present and the future. In addition to this workshop, the youngest participants could visit an oil platform through a virtual reality stand.

These weeks are developed with the aim of contributing, in a fun and entertaining way, to the spreading of science and the future challenges of energy, as well as spark interest in scientific careers in the youngest participants.