More than 800 people recover the natural environment of the Francolí River

The 8th edition of the planting campaign organized by Fundación Repsol and the Aurora Association, with the support of the City Council of Tarragona, brought together over 800 participants last Saturday to plant 1,500 shrubs of six different species on the banks of the Francoli River in Tarragona.
Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, Mayor of Tarragona, and Pep Font, director of Repsol's Tarragona industrial facility with various local neighbours, participating in the 8th Fundación Repsol and Aurora Association planting by the Francolí river, in Tarragona

For yet another year, Fundación Repsol, the Aurora Association, and the City Council of Tarragona celebrated the popular traditional planting by the banks of Francolí river. On Saturday morning, 16 March, more than 800 people helped improve the natural environment of their city. They planted 1,500 trees and bushes with six species native to the Mediterranean riverbanks.

The planting again took place, next to the Santa Tecla bridge, on the right side of the river. Once more the Residents Association collaborated in the project. An initiative with environmental and social character that aims to boost the recovery and conditioning of the Francolí river's natural ecosystem.

The activity, with a strong family atmosphere, has become a great celebration for the youngsters. They enjoyed the opening show and learned to care for the environment by planting, alongside their families, local species of trees and bushes.

Once the conference is finished, caring for this area of Tarragona will continue. A team of 18 people with cognitive disabilities from the Aurora Association will carry out planting maintenance for eight months.

This is the eighth year that Fundación Repsol has organised this activity in Tarragona. Planting campaigns for environmental preservation will also be held in Puertollano or  Cartagena. Also, as a part of the voluntary environmental project, Repsol volunteers go every month for the reforestation activities in Cuenca Alta del Río Manzanares Natural Park in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid).

These initiatives form part of Fundación Repsol's commitment to the recovery of natural environments, a key aspect towards promoting a more sustainable energy transition.