More tree planting campaigns this spring

As part of it's responsible citizenship programme, Fundación Repsol is organising a school tree planting event, as well as several sessions in Tarragona, and also continues to offer environmental volunteering activities in the Sierra de Guadarrama.
More tree planting campaigns this spring

Over 500 fifth-year primary students from 20 schools in Puertollano took part in the school tree planting session organised by Fundación Repsol and the Puertollano Industrial Complex, in collaboration with the City Council. 

On this occasion, the activity took place in Pozo Norte Park, the lungs of Puertollano, which now has around 100 new trees of 16 different species (hackberry, cedar, carob, ash, arbutus, mulberry, mountain ash, Japanese pagoda tree, golden rain tree, maple, paper mulberry, silverberry, chinaberry, and tilia), in addition to more than 80 bushes.

The school students were joined by their teachers, personnel from the Environmental Department of the Puertollano City Council, and a group of volunteers made up of employees from the Repsol Industrial Complex.

Students from the Fundación Fuente Agria Occupational Centre also lent a helping hand in the planting campaign, and their Special Employment Centre "Emplealia" offered participants a healthy snack after the event.  

José Carlos Olmo, an employee of the Repsol Industrial Complex in Puertollano who volunteers in this initiative every year, said that “the school students help repopulate different areas of Puertollano, and they really enjoy it because afterwards they can come and see the trees they have planted with their parents".

The children that participated in the planting campaign said that, thanks to the activity, the discovered how fun it is to plant a tree and how they can help look after their surroundings. Mara Ruiz, a student from colegio Ramón y Cajal stated that, “it's an adventure” to take part in the planting campaign, where “everyone did their bit” to make it a pleasant experience. Sergio Rubio, another student from Ramón y Cajal, told us that he planted an Almez Celtis Australis “to water it and see it grow in the future”.

María de Gracia Ramos, headteacher of colegio Menéndez Pelayo, commented that “it is a really nice experience for them”, and also creates a “space where they can work together with their classmates, learn how to take care of the environment, and feel proud of having planted a tree”.

The goals of the seventh planting campaign promoted by Repsol and Fundación Repsol are focused on reforesting and restoring urban areas and raising awareness among school children of the importance of looking after and protecting green areas.

In previous years, activities have taken place at the “La Central” Exhibition Hall, the Avenida de Ciudad Real park, the nature trail bike path, Paseo de San Gregorio, the Fariground, and the Corredor Verde.

Restoring natural areas in Tarragona

Fundación Repsol has also promoted a new environmental action in the estuary of the River Gaià and Tamarit beach. A team of 70 Repsol volunteers —employees of the Industrial Complex and their families — helped identify tortoises, sow new seeds, and install wattle fencing to protect the dunes.

This initiative is in addition to the planting campaign that took place in March by the Francolí River. Thanks to this event, more than 800 people planted 1500 trees and bushes.

Environmental volunteering in Madrid

For several years, Fundación Repsol has organized family environmental days in Madrid one Saturday per month. At these events, Repsol volunteers and their families help look after the regional park of the upper basin of the Manzanares River. Over the course of a morning, volunteers travel to the Sierra de Guadarrama to carry out a variety of activities to protect the flora and fauna, including planting trees, cleaning the areas, or fencing off ponds.

Anybody who wants to help out can take part. All you need to do is sign up at

All of these activities are part of Fundación Repsol's continued commitment to promoting actions related to sustainability in the areas where Repsol is present, as one of its responsible citizenship activities.