New open call

The sixth call for proposals for the Entrepreneurs Fund of Fundacion Repsol is open. The objective is to support the best startups that offer innovative solutions in the energy and mobility sector.

The Entrepreneurs Fund supports startups in two phases of development:

  • Projects: startups that are developing a technology and/or innovative business model that has already been shown to be effective in a controlled environment or even in a real environment, but that hasn't yet reached the commercial phase.
  • Ideas: startups that are in an earlier phase of developing a technology and/or business model.

Selected proposals will receive an outright grant, along with specialised training, counselling from a team of mentors, and access to possible investors. The acceleration process lasts one year, and projects can be extended for a second year.

The Entrepreneurs Fund offers up to 144 000 euros per year for each project's business development. Ideas are supported with 2000 euros per month over a 12 month period.

See the terms and conditions and sign up. We want to know more about your proposal!

Who is eligible to participate?

The call is intended for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), but participation is also open to people who have not yet formed a business.

The Entrepreneurs Fund is a global initiative open to entrepreneurs from all over the world, since it is not necessary to travel to a particular work place on a continuous basis.

Fundación Repsol's accelerator supports startups that work on innovative solutions in different fields Distributed generation and electricity storage.

The Entrepreneurs Fund in figures

Through the Entrepreneurs Fund, Fundación Repsol seeks to efficiently support entrepreneurs whose innovations contribute to building a more sustainable energy model.

In the past five years, the Entrepreneurs Fund has accelerated 37 startups, which in turn have raised almost 13 million euros in investments and funding and registered around 30 patents.