A new round of Vocational Training scholarships

Once again, Fundación Repsol is offering 100 scholarships for Vocational Training (VT) students, in partnership with the Repsol and Petronor industrial facilities to support young talent. You can apply for one of the VT scholarships until 16th October on becasfp.fundacionrepsol.com.
Apply now for one of Fundación Repsol's 2018 – 2019 VT scholarships

This Vocational Training (VT) scholarships programme was established to promote and encourage youngsters to opt for VT, thereby improving their employment prospects.

A total of 100 scholarships will be offered — 25 for intermediate vocational training cycles (CFGM) and 75 for advanced vocational training cycles (CFGS). Each scholarship will be worth €800. These scholarships are aimed at VT students from the following areas:

  • A Coruña and Arteixo (A Coruña)
  • Cartagena and La Unión (Murcia)
  • Abanto-Zierbena, Muskiz, and Zierbena (Bizkaia)
  • Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
  • Tarragona, Reus, Valls, and Vila-seca (Tarragona)

Students that are interested in taking part can apply through the website: becasfp.fundacionrepsol.com. The application period will be open from 2nd July until 16th October, 2018.

Students who are studying intermediate and advanced vocational courses in the following fields may apply: Electricity/electronics, mechanical manufacturing, facilities and maintenance, construction and civil works, energy and water, chemistry, information technology and communications, administration and management, commerce and marketing, health, and safety and environment.

Students who received a scholarship in the last academic year may renew them. To do so, they must reapply for this intake.

This year, the scholarships will also be available to dual VT students for the first time. Furthermore, 10% of the scholarships are reserved for students with disabilities as part of Fundación Repsol's commitment to integrating this group into the workplace and society.

Find the terms and conditions and apply on becasfp.fundacionrepsol.com

This initiative is part of Fundación Repsol's scholarship programme, which aims to boost young peoples' training regardless of their personal or social circumstances.