Over 7000 people participated in the Science and Energy Week in Puertollano

This fourth edition also attracted a large influx of families during the weekend.
Niños participando en los Talleres de Aprendenergía

Over 7000 people participated in the different activities held throughout Repsol and Fundación Repsol's Science and Energy Week, which took place from the 16th to the 23rd October in the Municipal Auditorium and Cultural Centre of Puertollano.

Scientific workshops for all ages, a giant planetarium, a pixel art exhibition, the Maths with Energy talk with David Calle, Dani Jiménez's science dissemination show, and the science show Big-Time Science were some of the activities held at the event. They took place at the Municipal Auditorium of Puertollano and allowed attendees to learn in a fun and interesting way all throughout the week.

A total of 7400 people took part in the activities which were mainly aimed at primary, secondary, and further education students from schools in Puertollano. A large number of families were also able to take part in the activities as they remained open on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.

From Monday to Friday in the morning, the students were the focus of the activities: 4820 students participated in the different scientific workshops in the exhibition, the planetarium, and in the science show Big-Time Science. Third and fourth year secondary students and further education students enjoyed the morning show Mission Cosmos. A voyage to discover the history of energy.

Although some of activities, such as the stargazing session planned on Saturday 20th October at the model aircraft runway in Pozo Norte Park, were cancelled due to bad weather, the citizens of Puertollano participated actively in the other events.

Repsol and Fundación Repsol's Science and Energy Week aims to help promote science and the energy-related challenges of the future in a fun and entertaining way, as well as spark people's interest in scientific careers.