Participate as a volunteer during the February activities

If you want to help improve our society, sign-up as a Repsol volunteer for the events organised during February in Madrid. This month a new activity is being launched, the charity Breakfasts, through which you'll be able to help more than 200 homeless people.
The charity breakfasts, a new activity for our volunteers

Contribute with your time to create a better future participating as a volunteer in the February activities in Madrid.

This month we are featuring the addition of Charity Breakfasts. Through this initiative you'll be able to offer hot breakfast to over 200 homeless people. As a Repsol Volunteer you'll help in the preparation and distribution of the food, becoming aware of the reality of many people without resources in Spain. This activity is developed along with Messengers of Peace, an organisation that each day makes it possible for hundreds of people to shelter themselves from the cold and to have something to eat at the San Antón Church of Madrid.

You can now collaborate in any of our monthly activities, where you'll be able to show your solidarity and commitment to society. Take a look at the upcoming dates recommended by Fundación Repsol!

  • Charity breakfasts at the church of San Antón, Madrid. (8th February)
  • Soup kitchen Santa María Josefa, Madrid. (9th February)
  • Soup kitchen La Fonda del Pozo, Madrid. (13th February)
  • Family environmental day, Madrid. (17th February)
  • Discovering the Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid. (23rd February)
  • Soup kitchen San Simón de Rojas, Madrid. (23rd February)

If you're not a volunteer yet and want to help, sign up and participate with your family or friends. If you are already a volunteer, all you need to do is sign up for the activity you would like to participate in.

Fundación Repsol also offers Repsol Volunteers the opportunity to participate in the Entrepreneurship in VT programme this month will see the fruits of their joint work. The time has come to present the Demo Day projects!. Here's a volunteering initiative where you can share your talent and professional skills to guide higher VT students in the design and development of their technological business ideas. The programme is being developed in A Coruña, Ciudad Real, Murcia, and Tarragona, and soon we'll know the winning teams in each area.