Participate as a volunteer during the March activities

If you want to help improve our society, sign-up as a Repsol volunteer for the events organised during March in Madrid. Collaborate in activities such as the charity breakfasts or the environmental days.
Volunteers during the family environmental days

Contribute with your time to create a better future and participate as a volunteer in the March activities in Madrid. You can dedicate your time to highly diverse areas, choosing the activities you most enjoy. From helping in the preparation of food for people without means, to planting trees with your family, or explaining to children with different abilities the natural environment of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Take a look at the upcoming activities recommended by Fundación Repsol!

  • Soup kitchen Santa María Josefa, Madrid. (March 2nd and 9th)
  • Family environmental day, Madrid. (March 2nd and 23rd)
  • Charity breakfasts in the San Antón Church, Madrid. (March 8th)
  • Discovering the Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid. (March 9th and 30th)
  • Soup kitchen San Simón de Rojas, Madrid. (March 23rd)
  • Soup kitchen La Fonda del Pozo, Madrid. (March 27th).

If you're not a Repsol volunteer and you want to help, sign up and participate along with your family and friends in any of the activities planned for this month. If you are already a volunteer, all you need to do is sign up for the one you would like to participate in.

Fundación Repsol also offers Repsol Volunteers the opportunity to participate in the Energy with consciousness project, aimed towards the energy Company's employees and retirees from A Coruña, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Murcia, Tarragona, and Vizcaya. During the months of February and March, more than 75 volunteers will be transferring their knowledge on energy efficiency to students in their third and fourth years of Compulsory Secondary Education (ages 14–16), from36 schools, through practical and dynamic workshops. In them, the retired Repsol employees explain concepts on energy, measurements, and data analysis, and perform experiments to raise awareness on the importance of responsible energy resource use.

For older volunteers, the possibility to collaborate by conducting guided visits of different museums and cultural spaces is available thanks to, Senior Energy. This programme by CEATE and Fundación Repsol is directed towards the training of senior cultural volunteers, contributing to their awareness of new tendencies in areas related to science and technology. The participants, all above 55 years of age, attend conferences, guided visits, and courses during the months of February and March. These training sessions will help them develop their activity later on as cultural volunteers in various museums.

Additionally, last February, Repsol volunteers participated in the mock elections for people with intellectual disabilities. Almost 300 people gathered at the IES Juan de la Cierva in Madrid to conduct a simulation of the upcoming April and May elections. The volunteers collaborated in this initiative as members of the ballot tables or as helpers contributing to the participant's familiarisation with how elections work.

Join to participate in these charitable activities and help build a better world.