The ‘Puertollano Educa’ award

The City of Puertollano has awarded Repsol and its foundation with a special award, ‘Puertollano Educa’, for organising its Science and Energy Week since 2015.
Francisco Castro, Deputy Director of People and Organisation at Repsol's Industrial Facility in Puertollano, accepting the award from Puertollano mayor Mayte Fernández.

The City of Puertollano has recognised Repsol and its foundation's commitment to the local educational community with the ‘Puertollano Educa’ award. This initiative, now in its fifth year, aims to recognise the educational work carried out by schools, teachers, and students. This year, for the first time the award has also been presented to private organisations, businesses, and unions for their work carrying out activities related to education.

This award has been presented to Repsol and its foundation for organising and carrying out its Science and Energy Week, an initiative that aims to offer a fun way of learning about the world of science and the challenges of the future to schoolchildren, teachers, and families.

Francisco Castro, Deputy Director of People and Organisation at Repsol's Industrial Facility in Puertollano, accepted the award during the presentation at the Pedro Almodóvar Auditorium. His acceptance speech highlighted the importance of collaboration between private organisations, public administration, schools, and students in bolstering one of the most important pillars of society: the education of today's children as the 'inventors of tomorrow'.

Puertollano mayor Mayte Fernández called these awards are a way to 'place value on schools, families, education professionals, and children'. She also made special mention of education as the main tool for changing and improving the world in which we live in order for today's students to live lives full of opportunities.

Fundación Repsol in Puertollano

Repsol and its foundation have been organising Science and Energy Week in Puertollano since 2015 — and since then over 25 000 people have participated in the programme. Activities, exhibits, conferences, workshops, and shows organised to teach about science have been experienced by more than 17 000 primary, secondary, and vocational training (VT) students. The next edition is slated for October 2019.

Fundación Repsol carries out additional educational activities throughout the province of Puertollano through its LearningEnergy programme. Every year, primary and secondary school students participate in the LearningEnergy workshopswhere they learn about the energy challenges of the present and future through exciting . Students in secondary also have the chance for their schools to sign up for the Energy with Consciousness programme so they can learn to be more efficient with energy resources.

Fundación Repsol also runs a VT scholarship programme as well as a programme for disabled students who wish to continue their studies at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.