The Repsol Foundation and the Basque Government are promoting the deployment of the Basque Country’s Energy Sustainability Law


The Repsol Foundation and the Basque Government, through the Council for Economic Development, Sustainability, and the Environment, have signed a collaboration agreement for the joint development of actions to promote, disseminate, and foster energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, focusing on initiatives that generate a positive social impact on Basque society.

The agreement was signed by the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, and our chairman, Antonio Brufau, at the Basque Government’s headquarters.

The Lehendakari has made it clear that the energy transition is a nationwide challenge, but also an opportunity. "Our commitment is to achieve a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and to ensure that renewable energy represents 20% of final consumption by 2024." The Repsol chairman pointed out the important role of public-private sector collaboration "to address the challenges of decarbonization, with a joint and rigorous vision allowing us to progress hand in hand with technology and innovation, with a commitment to people and the economy. We must work towards a fair and inclusive energy transition."

The Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability, and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia, also took part in the signing ceremony.

The agreement reinforces our Foundation's commitment to a fair and inclusive energy transition.

Thanks to this alliance, they will begin working together to develop energy efficiency plans, energy saving, and the promotion and implementation of renewable energies in public buildings, as well as carrying out energy studies and audits.

Both organizations will also promote innovative energy projects, especially those related to digitalization to advance in decarbonization, and promote training, dissemination of knowledge and awareness-raising activities related to energy sustainability, made available through the Repsol Foundation’s Open Room and Zinkers (only available in Spanish), as well as the activities included in the Repsol Foundation Energy Transition Education and Research Programs.

All these actions are aligned with the Basque Energy Sustainability Law 4/2019, the Euskadi 2030 Energy Strategy, and the Basque 2050 Climate Change Strategy, which include goals to promote a responsible, model, and benchmark Basque public administration in climate change.

The Repsol Foundation has extensive experience in projects focused on energy transition and society, with a triple impact on the environment, society, and the economy, with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable future. Within this context, it is a pioneer in impact investment with joint ventures with companies in energy efficiency, circular economy, emissions reduction, and, offsetting through reforestation and sustainable mobility.

This agreement demonstrates the Repsol Foundation and the Basque Government’s firm commitment to addressing the challenges and opportunities within the framework of the ongoing energy transition, which must involve all the relevant players from the public and private sector, and society.