Repsol Foundation and Fundación Santa María la Real launch the first partnership for the inclusive energy transition

It is the first multi-agent network whose objective is to generate sustainable projects and initiatives to respond to the great work and social challenges from the energy transition, allowing transformation to be inclusive.

The Partnership for the Inclusive Energy Transition is promoted by the Repsol Foundation and Fundación Santa María la Real, through their Employment and Entrepreneurship Area. It is the first multi-agent network that is committed to the energy transition as an opportunity to develop solutions to the work and social problems suffered by vulnerable groups. It is a social opportunity for economic development and job creation.

The objective of this initiative is to improve socioeconomic environments and fight against social exclusion by generating initiatives, job opportunities, and the inclusion of vulnerable groups. It maintains a social approach as a value proposition to train and update professionals in the context of the energy transition.

Green solutions for vulnerable groups

This innovative partnership seeks to address the challenges of the energy transition on a social level through sustainable solutions, collaborating with public and private organisations to help the most vulnerable groups by developing solutions and strategies in the medium- and long-term.

The Partnership will have an Employability Lab in order to offer training oriented to the new demands of the job market, to promote the employability of vulnerable groups in those sectors that will generate more professional opportunities thanks to the energy transition.

A dynamic community

The Partnership will be a dynamic community made up of public and private organisations that contribute to an innovative and inclusive social impact.

An important network of allies and key agents that pool their resources to achieve common objectives, improving the guidelines for action, and creating synergies. In addition, it allows the generation of shared knowledge to achieve medium- and long-term solutions and, as such, face the new challenges of the energy transition.

Among the Partnership's objectives is the fight against inequality through job training programmes, aimed at vulnerable groups in order to respond to the needs of the sector.

This new project will take care of identifying the demands of the current job market in the face of the challenges stemming from the energy transition and, from there, promoting proactive employment solutions and strategies to support social organisations and companies during their transformation process.

Open to new organisations

Organisations that wish to be part of the Partnership for Inclusive the Energy Transition can sign up at in the Join section.