Repsol Foundation and Grupo Social Amil join forces to develop projects with high social impact in energy transition

The two entities have signed a strategic agreement to promote the development of innova-tive business initiatives that generate a positive economic, social and environmental impact within the framework of the energy transition. With this collaboration, the Repsol Foundation and Grupo Amil are launching an ambitious plan that aspires to become a national land-mark in the integration of people with disabilities or at risk of exclusion into the labour mar-ket.

The Repsol Foundation and Grupo Social Amil have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to jointly develop business projects that work towards a sustainable and inclusive energy transition.

Both entities will share their extensive experience to carry out new initiatives that offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions in the field of emissions reduction and offsetting, mobility, circular economy or energy efficiency. These initiatives will have a high impact by driving socially and environmentally responsible business.

Through this agreement, the Repsol Foundation and Grupo Social Amil will implement an ambitious plan that aims to become a national landmark in the integration of people with disabilities or at risk of exclusion into the labour market.

As stated by the President of Grupo Amil, Alberto Amil, "The signing of this agreement represents a new boost to our expansion and growth strategy, maintaining the motto that has accompanied us all our lives: "never leave anyone behind". We demonstrate day by day that we achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction, with the most exceptional and special staff. And we will continue to do so.

On his part, the vice-president of the Repsol Foundation, António Calçada, stresses the importance of this agreement to "continue promoting projects that work towards a fair and inclusive energy transition, seeking solutions that are sustainable from an economic, social and environmental point of view, because only in this way will we be able to respond to the major challenges we face".

Grupo Amil

Grupo Amil with headquarters in Ferrol is a leader in the provision of maintenance, cleaning, advertising, transport services and other special activities at national level. It currently has a team of more than 1,000 specialised people, distributed in the delegations of Galicia, Asturias, Central Zone, Castilla - La Mancha, Castilla y León, Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia. 70% of the workforce is made up of people with disabilities, who carry out their activity in more than 150 work centres, operating in large supermarkets, public agencies and other leading operators.

Repsol Foundation

The Repsol Foundation drives a sustainable and inclusive energy transition. This mission is deployed in four lines of action: triple impact investment in companies and projects linked to sustainability; support for start-ups working on innovative solutions in energy, circular economy, digitalisation and mobility; dissemination of knowledge about the energy transition and energy challenges; and the promotion of employment and equal opportunities for vulnerable groups. 

In terms of impact investment, the aim is to support the corporate world and grow a network of companies that contribute to the energy transition by generating a triple positive impact: economic, social and environmental.  To this end, in 2019 it created Repsol Social Impact, a company endowed with up to 50 million euros to promote the investment and growth of companies focused on reducing and offsetting emissions, sustainable mobility, circular economy, energy efficiency and eco-products and services. In addition to being economically profitable, investee companies must promote social and environmental development in Spain and Portugal.  By participating from an early stage in their development, the Repsol Foundation promotes their business plans to make them grow and maximise their impact.    

It currently has five investees: Koiki (35%), sustainable packaging for the last mile; Grupo Sylvestris (21%), a company specialising in reforestation as a CO₂ offsetting tool; Recycling4all, together with Ilunion, a company focused on large-scale industrial recycling of electrical and electronic equipment waste; Saema (35%), oriented towards the recovery and recycling of plastics and packaging, and GNE Finance (20%), specialising in eco-sustainable housing rehabilitation.