The Repsol Foundation, committed to energy efficiency

The Repsol Foundation joins in celebrating the World Energy Efficiency Day, following its commitment to a sustainable energy transition.
Koiki, empresa participada por Repsol Impacto Social

With the objective of having society reflect on its use of energy resources and looking to stimulate the energy transition, on 5th March, 1998 the World Energy Efficiency Day was established.

The Repsol Foundation bets on energy efficiency as one of the key elements for energy transition, the completion of Sustainable Development Goals, and Horizon 2050. 

The Foundation’s new strategy is focused on energy transition and society. Through the creation of Repsol Social Impact, a 50 million euro fund, we promote the development of a social company portfolio focused on contributing to the global energy transition challenge and generating professional opportunities for people from vulnerable groups in Spain and Portugal. We have invested in three companies up to now: Slyvestris, Koiki and GNE Finance, the latter is particularly focused on energy efficiency.

GNE Finance provides affordable financing with personalised technical assistance to refurbish homes and buildings, focused on improving sustainability through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and household water conservation. Their services are directly addressed to final consumers and contribute to the regeneration of the communities, improving the habitability and wellness of the homes and flat buildings, in collaboration with local players.

With the objective of having the new generations use energy resources responsibly, at the Repsol Foundation we have developed educational projects like

<a data-cke-saved-href="/en/energy-consciousness" href="/en/energy-consciousness" "="" target="_self">Also in terms of education, we have launched the Energy Transition Chair in the University of Barcelona this past September, focused on promoting knowledge and the dissemination of technology for the use, storage, and acquisition of CO2. This past week, the first workshop, focused on Natural Climate Solutions, in which a panel of experts analysed the different natural mechanisms for carbon absorption from the atmosphere and the role of research and public policies for their implementation.

The Repsol Foundation also promoted energy efficiency in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship.  Through its Entrepreneur's Fund it supports technology-based startups in the areas of energy, mobility, and circular economy and with that contribute to a sustainable energy transition with their projects. Some startups like Linc stand out. It's a hardware connected to the cloud to monitor and control, in real time, all the energy, water, and air conditioning systems or Place to Plug, a collaborative platform for the use of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Additionally, within the cycle of forums and conferences in which the Repsol Foundation participates to promote knowledge and rigorous debates regarding the challenges for the future of energy, we have recently participated in the VII FUNSEAM Symposium, focused on analysing the impact and opportunities that the efficiency improvement process, business productivity, and energy savings in the context of environmental transition entail.

At the Repsol Foundation, we encourage everyone to join this event to raise awareness and adopt daily habits that add up to achieve a common goal.