Repsol Foundation expands its commitment to triple impact investment by joining Hispaled

The Repsol Foundation has acquired 11,29% of Hispaled, an insertion company with an innovative business project that generates a triple posi-tive impact on people, the environment, and the economy, strengthening the Repsol Foundation´s commitment to the energy transition and socie-ty. This brings the number of companies in which the Repsol Foundation participates to six, as part of its triple impact investment strategy, boost-ing Spanish businesses.
Jorge Fraile, CEO y socio fundador de Hispaled y António Calçada, vicepresidente de Fundación Repsol.

The Repsol Foundation has acquired 11.29% of Hispaled, an insertion company specializing in energy efficiency solutions in the LED lighting field. Hispaled designs, manufactures, and markets luminaires and control systems for different applications: street and industrial lighting, horticulture, etc. With its activity it promotes the social inclusion of young people at risk of exclusion through a personalized itinerary in the workplace.

With this investment, the Repsol Foundation takes a new step in its triple impact investment strategy as a tool to promote a sustainable and inclusive energy transition.

Hispaled is a company that generates a triple positive impact: social, by training and generating job opportunities for young people in situations of vulnerability, environmental, through solutions that improve energy efficiency and allow the reduction of CO₂ emissions, and economic, with high potential for growth.

For the Repsol chairman, António Brufau, this investment represents an “opportunity to drive the scaling up of a truly innovative company, which responds to the challenges of advancing a fair and inclusive energy transition”.

The CEO and founding partner of Hispaled, Jorge Fraile, stated that the incorporation of the Repsol Foundation to the company represents a new chapter for the social and business project of Hispaled, and will contribute significantly to the growth of its impact on society.

Own technology manufactured in Spain

Hispaled is a leading company in its activity, 100% Spanish, pioneer in the development of remote management solutions for street lighting. It is the first company on a global scale to develop a

street lighting system based on cutting-edge radiofrequency (LoRa) technology, which allows it to manage lighting networks more efficiently, allowing it to detect incidents, monitor the correct operation of the luminaires, know and adjust consumption levels, and even carry out predictions for future demand.

The company manufactures its luminaires in Spain, committed to proximity production, which allows it to control the quality of the product and contribute to minimizing the delivery times and to reducing the carbon footprint of products, by avoiding journeys. 

With more than 12 years of experience, Hispaled has installed more than 180,000 luminaires around the world and has lit up more than 500 Spanish municipalities, achieving savings of more than 100,000 tons of CO₂ with its services and IoT systems since its birth in 2009. Furthermore, it has a high technological value line, specializing in LED design applied to horticulture, adapting different light spectra depending on the needs of the crop at any given moment. 

With the entrance of the Repsol Foundation into its capital, it plans to continue advancing in R+D+i (research, development, and innovation) and increase its business capacity, maximizing its triple positive impact.

Hispaled was born with a social vocation, as an innovative industrial project for the labor insertion of young people at risk of exclusion. In 2018 it became the first industrial company in the Community of Madrid to obtain the certification as an insertion company. 50% of its staff are currently workers in the process of insertion, focused on generating future employability in the electricity, electronics, energy transition sectors etc. Its aim is to continue to increase this percentage in the coming years.

Triple impact investment 

The Repsol Foundation is a pioneer in committing to impact investment in Spain, supporting the growth of companies that contribute to the global challenge of the energy transition by generating a triple positive impact: economic, social, and environmental. It works on four segments: reduction and offsetting of emissions, circular economy, energy efficiency, and sustainable mobility.

As well as in Hispaled, it has invested in five companies: Sylvestris Group; reforestations as a tool for offsetting emissions, Koiki, sustainable last-mile logistics, GNE Finance, eco-sustainable urban rehabilitation in vulnerable areas, Saema, special employment center for the treatment and recovery of yellow bin plastics and packaging, and Recycling4all, a company created alongside Ilunion for the industrial recycling of electrical appliance waste and electronics.