Repsol Foundation has created a company to promote recycling and workforce inclusion together with ILUNION

Repsol Social Impact, our Foundation's triple-impact investment tool, and ILUNION, Grupo Social ONCE's social business network, have signed an agreement to create the company, Recycling4all. It specializes in the circular economy through large-scale industrial recycling of electric and electronic equipment, which also generates employment for close to one hundred persons with disabilities
Repsol Foundation has created a company to promote recycling and workforce inclusion together with Ilunion

Repsol Social Impact, a company 100% owned by the Repsol Foundation, has reached an agreement with ILUNION, leader in Spain in the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce, to create a joint industrial company specialized in recycling waste from eclectic and electronic equipment (WEEE), which are becoming a serious environmental problem since they are the fastest growing type of waste globally in the last few years.

The new company, called Recycling4all, with a 75% stake from ILUNION and 25% from Repsol Social Impact, is present throughout the business value chain: collection, transportation, classification, storage, treatment, recovery and evaluation of waste. It has 147 employees, 99 of which are people with disabilities.

Recycling4all was born with the aim of being a benchmark industrial company in the WEEE waste recycling sector and generating a positive triple impact: economic (profitable and sustainable), social (social and workforce inclusion of vulnerable groups or at risk of exclusion), and environmental through recycling activity. Additionally in the future, the possibility of extending the recycling of solar plates and panels, whose growth will be exponential in the framework of the current energy transition, is being considered.

This project is part of the strategic partnership that the Repsol Foundation and Grupo Social ONCE signed in November of last year for the joint development of projects and businesses – industrial in the field of energy transition and sustainability, generating employment opportunities for vulnerable groups and persons with disabilities.

Logistical assets and treatment plants

The new company includes the logistical assets and treatment plants to the ones ILUNION currently has.

On the one hand, two industrial plants, located in La Bañeza (León) and Campo Real (Madrid), in which a final treatment of the WEEE is carried out extracting the dangerous and potentially pollutant substances contained in said waste and recovering, as well, the materials that can be reused. In 2019 more than 13,000 tons of WEEE were treated of which 93% were able to be reintroduced to the productive circuit to create new products and avoid the extraction of materials from nature.

On the other hand, nine temporary storage centers located in different Spanish provinces that, along with a fleet of over 60 specialized vehicles, took charge of the collection, classification, temporary storage, and transport of WEEE to the final treatment plants. In 2019, more than 55 thousand tons of WEEE were transported, avoiding the emission of more than 90 annual tons of CO₂ thanks to the inclusion of natural gas vehicles.

For Antonio Brufau, president of Repsol and the Repsol Foundation, “This project means a step forward for Repsol Social Impact in the circular economy segment with ILUNION, leader in the development of business and industrial projects for social and workforce inclusion, with enormous experience in waste management. We are very satisfied to be able to jointly develop an inclusive industrial project, which integrates profitable and sustainable economic management, environmental management, and social inclusion."

In Miguel Carballeda's opinion, president of Grupo Social ONCE, with this project we are reinforcing our bet on the circular economy and the innovation of its companies, “without forgetting the social reasons with which they were born, the inclusion in the workforce of people with disabilities and of other groups that are difficult to include. And we are doing it with an important partner, the Repsol Foundation, which we have been collaborating with for many years.”

Repsol Social Impact

Repsol Social Impact is a company 100% owned by the Repsol Foundation, whose objective is to contribute to a sustainable energy transition and create opportunities for vulnerable groups through a network of economically sustainable companies that generate social and environmental impact in Spain and Portugal. These companies' areas are related to emissions reduction, sustainable mobility, the circular economy, energy efficiency, and environmentally-friendly products and services. Repsol Social Impact has stakes in Grupo Sylvestris, a company dedicated to reforestation; Koiki, dedicated to sustainable last-mile distribution with parcel delivery by vulnerable groups; GNE Finance, dedicated to environmentally sustainable urban rehabilitation in vulnerable areas; and SAEMA, specialized in the recovery and recycling of plastics and packaging.

In addition, Repsol Social Impact has recently announced the agreement to create a joint venture with Land Life Company and Grupo Sylvestris, with the aim of developing large-scale industrial and reforestation projects in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.


ILUNION is the brand of the Grupo Social ONCE companies and a leader in the creation of quality employment for persons with disabilities worldwide. It’s a socially responsible business project that develops its activity with both economic and social profitability criteria. It has a workforce of over 37,000 employees, of which 40% are people with disabilities.

It develops its activity through 50 lines of business and has over 500 work centers across Spain. Some of its companies are front runners in their sectors, like ILUNION Laundry and Hospitality Services, and they are also leaders in other sectors like services, care for the elderly, and physical and technological accessibility.